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Letter to the editor: Fort Wayne is up to its old tax tricks again

Monday, July 1, 2013 - 8:41 am

I see the city of Fort Wayne has increased the taxes for everyone in Allen County. How can they do this to all the people? Is this taxation without representation? The mayor of Fort Wayne has not ever seen a tax he did not approve of.

The city keeps annexing more people, and this reduces the tax foundation for the county. I guess we will live long enough to see the city control all of the county. We might as well not elect any county commissioners because they cannot stop the city from forcing us to pay more tax. They argue that we all use the streets of Fort Wayne so we need to pay for the city, but that is wrong. If I wanted to live in Fort Wayne I imagine I could, but I choose not to. Please be more considerate when you raise taxes next time. I wish our state elected officials would reconsider allowing Fort Wayne to control us.

Ralph Klinker