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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letter to the editor: Letter to Stutzman on GMO farm products

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Tuesday, July 02, 2013 12:01 am
Dear Rep. Stutzman,As my personal representative in Congress, I ask you to carefully study the two-year scientific study on the efforts of Monsanto GMO corn/glysophate on lab animals that was published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology.

In all the years that Monsanto GMO farm products have been available to consumers, this study is the first such study with scientific “control groups.”

The results of this study are utterly shocking and are causing reverberations around the world. China didn’t just “dump” three shipments of our GMO corn, they incinerated them.

I also ask you to return the $5,000 campaign donation you received from Monsanto and to publicly apologize to Indiana voters for having been “duped” by Monsanto and if you use Monsanto products on your “family farm” to stop using them and return to safe agricultural methods.

Monsanto has inflicted this reckless GMO experiment upon the global population through making “campaign donations” to powerful, influential, members of Congress and through its powerful influence on the FDA. Literally billions of people have unknowingly been the “lab rats” in Monsanto’s GMO experiment.

There is a simple, direct method of getting the essential information about the serious dangers GMO products pose to the health of consumers that avoids the complex issues of labeling products.

You can introduce legislation that requires our government to provide free printed material to grocery stores and supermarkets that they can display in simple racks that list all GMO plants grown for food or human consumption around the globe, and let the concerned consumers educate themselves in order to avoid food products that contain GMO ingredients.

Just as with smoking cigarettes, some consumers are concerned about their health and some are not. This information should include some of the photos provided in the study.

I also ask you to introduce legislation initiating and encouraging “class action” lawsuits. But rather than have the federal government involved, let the legislation focus on encouraging the individual states to bring legal action against the producers of GMO products. This leaves the choice to state government who must answer to the voters who elected them to decide on their individual course of action.

Included in this legislation would be a requirement that the FDA, the NIH and state boards of health post warnings both printed and on TV to women warning them not to have their breasts removed because some relative had breast cancer, but that GMO foods are the most likely cause of the recent epidemic of breast cancer in the U.S. and that they need to educate themselves in order to avoid foods containing GMOs. Not only for their own health, but the health of their entire family.

Ken Koenig



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