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Monday December 29, 2014
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Fort Wayne births, through June 30

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 2:26 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through June 30.

Fort Wayne

•A'liyah D. Hollis to Parris T. McCullum and Alvin R. Hollis Jr.

•Aaron Eh to Eh Thaw and Myint Naing.

•Addalyn N. Hendricks to Amanda N. Hendricks.

•Adrialyz C. Torres to Zoheth and Jose I. Torres.

•Ahmed O. Jami to Salma Y. Haroun and Osman A. Jami.

•Alaya O. Freeman to Shatyra S. Freeman.

•Alexander J. Hamberg to Heather A. and Gregory P. Hamberg.

•Alice F. Webster to Heather R. Webster.

•Allianna R. Roach to Keisha A. and Logan W. Roach.

•Alontae A. White to Ashlee M. White.

•Amari K. Horic to Minela and Armin Horic.

•Amaya J. Morgan to Krystal Q. Morgan.

•Amelia M. Kerl to Jennifer A. Kerl.

•Angel G. Ramos to Rosa Marcos Ramos.

•Antonio D. Jones-Wright to Aakira E. Jones-Wright.

•Anylah A. White to Ranesha S. White.

•Aubree R. Nicely to Jennifer L. and Brian E. Nicely.

•Audrey F. Buttermore to Christina R. and Daniel C. Buttermore.

•Avaeh-June A. Ellis to Malisa A. Gonzales and Charley E. Ellis II.

•Avalyn P. Geyer to Jennifer N. and Charles P. Geyer.

•Beckett R. Rennecker to Tracey M. and Shawn M. Rennecker.

•Bentley J. Miller to Amber D. Ketzenberger and Sean D. Miller.

•Braylen M. Eng to Melanie L. and David G. Eng.

•Brennan W. Donley to Cinamon L. and Patrick S. Donley.

•Broderick G. Lee to Angel M. and Scott D. Lee.

•Brooke E. Zehr to Tabitha S. and Brandon L. Zehr.

•Brooklyn A. Klein to Rachel L. and James D. Klein.

•Cadenza R. Krause to Kathleen B. and Matthew R. Krause.

•Camden J. Bien to Elaine V. and Christopher J. Bien.

•Cameron C. McClain to Rebecca M. and Caleb J. McClain.

•Cara J. Birts to April D. and Christopher W. Birts.

•Caroline J. Chaille to Erin L. and Matthew R. Chaille.

•Carson D. Loubier to Elizabeth M. and Corey C. Loubier.

•Carter E. Campbell to Yolanda G. and Christopher M. Campbell.

•Catherine S. Troy to Jennifer L. and Joseph E. Troy.

•Cayden M. Rothgeb to Brandy L. Johnson and Michael D. Rothgeb.

•Chandler V. Huston to Regina M. and Christopher L. Huston.

•Charles G. Proud to Joy M. Giguere and Benjamin A. Proud.

•Charley J. Kelley to Angela M. and Matthew S. Kelley.

•Cheyenne N. Watts to Delphia A. and Larmondo R. Watts.

•Cing D. Gay to Cing H. Si and Jimmy Lay.

•Citlali Pantoja to Veronica and Rosendo Pantoja.

•Claire E. Jepsen to Nicole L. and Erick L. Jepsen.

•Connor W. Foust to Stacey L. and Jerry J. Foust.

•Cooper A. Daniel to Kari A. and Alan M. Daniel.

•Cruzito J. Gill to Kathryn L. and Jesus R. Gill.

•Da'nijah L. Walker to Damarlla L. Walker.

•Daleysa R. Sierra to Maria Sierra and Alberto Ramirez Lopez.

•Daniel T. Barton to Tanaya C. Miller and Travis E. Barton.

•Devin J. Carsten to Julia and Matthew J. Carsten.

•Dominick A. Dollarhite to Mystie M. and Dereck A. Dollarhite.

•Dre'shawn K. Jenkins-Wilms to Sabrina N. Jenkins and Roy E. Wilms.

•Eleanor A. Johnston to Elizabeth A. and Matthew S. Johnston.

•Ella N. Strzelecki to Heather L. and Frank C. Strzelecki Jr.

•Eloise D. Epple to Sara M. and Daniel B. Epple.

•Emersyn D. Forker to Kelsey L. Forker.

•Emersyn J. Clark to Andrea J. and Benjamin M. Clark.

•Evangeline A. Greenwood to Diana J. Greenwood.

•Ezra D. Jackson to Jennifer N. and Adam N. Jackson.

•Finley M. Sproat to Jennifer R. O'Dell and James R. Sproat IV.

•Finn W. Stansifer to Cara E. and Casey N. Stansifer.

•Francisco D. Vasquez IV to Chelsey R. Tyner and Francisco J. Vasquez III.

•Frederick J. Hilger to Shannon M. and James H. Hilger.

•Gabriel I. Smith to Rosa A. and Derek R. Smith.

•Gael Garduno to Ana Karen Perez Ruiz and Fidel Garduno Quintana.

•Gannon M. Barnes to Holli L. Barnes.

•Gelila Solomon to Yeshiwork Tesfaye and Solomon Daniel.

•Harmonie M. Atkins to Ashee M. Atkins.

•Harper B. Lowe to Trisha A. and Bradley C. Lowe.

•Hau N. Tuang to Ciin S. Lun and Thang S. Pau.

•Hudson B. Cox to Michelle L. Tribbett and Jason K. Cox.

•Irshad Sarrid to Ja Han and Ra Phee.

•Isaac J. Brandenburg to Emily S. and Jacob S. Brandenburg.

•Ivanka R. Lozada to Elizabeth M. and Christian D. Lozada.

•Ivian Vivar to Cira Raymundo and Pedro Vivar.

•Izabella J. Chacon to Jazmine R. Hile and Noah G. Chacon.

•Jackson D. Mueller to Lauren E. and Dennis J. Mueller.

•Jackson T. Strayer to Bailey M. Strayer.

•Jackson W. Ensch to Lynsey J. and Anthony W. Ensch.

•Jah-Keem D. Booker to Michelle L. Booker.

•Jai'seon D. Harrison to Waukesha D. Jenkins and Jason D. Harrison.

•Jaquavious D. Sparkman to Jaquel C. Bright and Berlente D. Sparkman.

•Jariah N. Vironet to Tameka C. and Robert J. Vironet.

•Jasper O. Miller to Holly N. and Brad A. Miller.

•Javarian S. Porter to Timiya O. Porter.

•Javaris R. Butler to Shardasha A. Butler.

•Jay E. Bruce to Anastacia B. and Andrew L. Bruce.

•Jayden A. Garbison to Tabitha M. Dawkins and Miguel A. Garbison Sr.

•Jereme D. Davis to Lovett Davis and William D. Brown.

•Jeremiah M. Hailey to Heather K. and Jeremy M. Hailey.

•Jonah J. Cripe to Lacy R. and Aaron M. Cripe.

•Jonathan Perez to Celia Quintana Torrijos and Anastasio Perez.

•Jonathan S. Williamson to Amanda N. and Jason S. Williamson.

•Jordyn A. Gaines to Nikisha N. and Jorel J. Gaines.

•Joseph D. Shane to Heather M. Main and Keith M. Shane.

•Joseph K. Zehr to Christen F. and Geoff B. Zehr.

•Julia Martinez to Veronica and Hector Martinez.

•Kaden A. Nowak to Amberly N. and Peter J. Nowak Jr.

•Kamareion J. Thomas to Shahannah R. Thomas.

•Kamillah'j Johnson to Jamie B. Erby and Jachaun E. Johnson.

•Kanico L. Flippen to Marta L. Flippen.

•Kaonondae Tunwin to Mi Mon and Min Tunwin.

•Kardee J. Kelsaw Jr. to Quinekia S. Johnson-Kelsaw and Kardee J. Kelsaw Sr.

•Karlina S. Morales to Kara L. Splitt and Javier D. Morales Medina.

•Kensley S. Orban to Rebecca L. Grubbs and Troy D. Orban Jr.

•Kenson S. Cornett to Misty J. Foust and Cody S. Cornett.

•Khaleesi D. Turner to Michelle K. Coppess and Anthony E. Turner.

•Kilan J. Leibfried to Lesley D. Leibfried.

•Kinslee K. Kleptz to Brittany N. Mott and Ryan A. Kleptz.

•Kolton J. Mattes to Ashley N. Duffell and Raymond J. Mattes.

•Korbyn O. Melchi to Avery N. Vorndran and Mark K. Melchi.

•Kyra J. Stucky to Barbara J. and Kory B. Stucky.

•Landon M. Roscoe to Jessica K. and Jonathan D. Roscoe.

•Lanie B. Stensrud to Jamie L. and Daniel J. Stensrud.

•Lazarus J. Gregory to Kristen R. andPeter F. Gregory.

•Leia M. Cuellar to Latasha D. Barnes and Gregory P. Cuellar.

•Leo F. Kohrman to Natalie A. and Steven J. Kohrman.

•Levi N. Hendsbee to Ashley M. and Evan M. Hendsbee.

•Liam W. Hipps to Jacquelyn M. and Andrew M. Hipps.

•Libby J. Blackburn to Haley E. Blackburn.

•Lillian K. Duttaroy to Ann K. and Brandon S. Duttaroy.

•Lily J. Lendzion to Brooke N. Gardner and Craig M. Lendzion.

•Logan O. Shull to Jessica L. Ayers and Ryan M. Shull.

•Lucas D. Patty to Angela S. and John C. Patty.

•Luis D. Romero to Serena M. Davis and Carlos O. Romero.

•Lyric M. Hayden to Serria A. Lambert and Larry Hayden Jr.

•Lyric N. Jones to April E. Christman and Demario A. Jones.

•Macie J. Blackburn to Haley E. Blackburn.

•Madison E. Starks to Megan M. Barnes and Marcus L. Starks.

•Maggie G. Knoblauch to Abbey K. and Clinton D. Knoblauch.

•Marin E. Fisher to Carrie M. and Troy M. Fisher.

•Mary D. Keller to Sara E. and Isaac D. Keller.

•Maxwell T. Loeffler to Jade C. and Adam T. Loeffler.

•Miles S. Hull to Stacy D. and Justin M. Hull.

•Miles T. Atz to Heather and James R. Atz.

•Monique E. Publico to Evita M. M. Garay and Edward B. Publico.

•Mya R. Lugakingira to Akosua H. and Muiokozi K. Lugakingira.

•Myintmyat Khaing to Tha Z. May and Aung K. Kyi.

•Nancy L. Ware to Ngoc T. Le and Terry D. Ware.

•Natalia A. Booker to Valerie J. Kinney and Shawn L. Booker.

•Neriah F. Foxworth to Candice M. Kennedy and D'andre Foxworth.

•Nevaeh L. Howard to Kristin E. McGinnis and Malcolm L. Howard Jr.

•Noah M. Sorg to Amanda L. and Joshua T. Sorg.

•Noah Norris to Elizabeth J. Orr and Eugene Norris III.

•Nora K. Busch to Sarah E. and Kristopher L. Busch.

•Oliver J. Cashdollar to Marjae F. and James C. Cashdollar.

•Oliver K. Loeffler to Jessica A. and Patrick J. Loeffler.

•Olivia G. Shroyer to Nicole A. Shepherd and Matthew C. Shroyer.

•Olivia J. Adams to Lauren B. White and Dustin M. Adams.

•Piper M. Muller to Kathryn E. and Joseph D. Muller.

•Quinn M. Strack to Amanda L. and Arthur R. Strack.

•Raseenar Har to Har Bee Bar and Twarlar Har.

•Remington H. Fahler to Meghan A. and Ryan C. Fahler.

•Remmington A. Watson to Pamela S. and James F. Watson.

•Riley J. Koop to Marissa S. Kitzmiller and Kody E. Koop.

•River H. Yahne to Brittany L. and Jason P. Yahne.

•Roman H. Cuellar to Melissa M. and Jacob A. Cuellar.

•Ryder Z. Meriwether to Morgan E. and Rory B. Meriwether.

•Ryker E. Cass to Charity L. and Brian J. Cass.

•Sahedola Mohammad to Cho Ma and Noe R. May.

•Samara A. Hill-Roddy to Amber E. Hill-Roddy and Keith D. Roddy.

•Samuel A. Ortega to Astrid C. Garcia and Rafael A. Ortega.

•Sawyer S. Ross to Sara R. and Steven S. Ross.

•Scarlett M. Grogg to Ashley M. and Charles L. Grogg.

•Serenity K. Wisthoff to Deandra L. Barner and Justin A. Wisthoff.

•Sofiel L. Severin to Jessica A. and Michael E. Severin.

•Sophia G. Wire to Rebecca A. Lantz and Chase R. Wire.

•Tarvis R. Dawson Jr. to Taneia L. Davis and Tarvis R. Dawson Sr.

•Tenley A. Randall to Alison N. and Nicholas D. Randall.

•Timothy J. Sollenberger to Carrie A. and Shawn B. Sollenberger.

•Timothy L. Smith to Susan C. and Levi L. Smith.

•Vada G. Buuck to Abby R. Buuck.

•Valery Martinez to Elba Guzman and Jesus Martinez.

•Vera L. Cummins to Cecily L. and Donovan R. Cummins Jr.

•William B. Hafer to Sara J. and Robert L. Hafer.

•William N. Dowty to Anna M. and Christopher N. Dowty.

•Willow H. Reed to Kellie S. Buchs and Shawn E. Reed.

•Xavier J. Rucks to Latashua L. and Kyle J. Rucks.

•Zai L. Din to Nur Ma Bee and Maung Mey.

•Zhamir O. Evans to Zhanel T. Evans.