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Giant American flag graces Sherman Boulevard auto business

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 12:01 am

Two years after a tattered American flag was removed, a giant piece of patriotism now waves over Sherman Boulevard.

Brothers Auto Sales owner Rod Hart put up a 30-by-60-foot Old Glory at his dealership, 1001 Sherman Blvd., just before July Fourth. A Marine Corps veteran put it up “just to show the patriotic spirit.”

Hart previously owned the used-car dealership with his brother, hence the name. He put up the flag on the same pole where a 20-by-40-foot flag had been when the land was owned by someone else. In May 2011, The News-Sentinel informed the owner of the lot of a complaint by residents about the tattered flag that was on the pole. The owner had it removed. Before that the land had been owned by Superior Auto Sales.

Two years ago Hart bought that land, which is next door to where Brothers has been for the last nine years.

"We started with one car on St. Marys and Burgess" 17 years ago, he said.

As time has gone on and Hart's business has grown, he needed more space. He usually carries 35-40 vehicles on his lot.

However, he won't be referring to his Stars and Stripes at “the giant American flag,” which is what a Coliseum Boulevard dealership calls its 50-by-80-foot star-spangled banner, which is on a 232-foot pole.

City spokesman John Perlich said the city has no zoning restrictions on the size of American flags.