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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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Letter to the editor: Left pushes its agenda in Zimmerman case

Thursday, July 18, 2013 - 12:01 am

Enough! What is wrong with this country? I’ll tell you: The USA has become so emotionally attached to the far left liberal philosophy of “anything goes” as long as it portrays blacks as victims that reason and logic are ignored and “facts” conveniently spun to fit the far left agenda.

What a pathetic indictment on the current state of affairs. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that the prosecution did not come close to proving its case against Zimmerman; any unbiased legal expert knows the case should have never come to trial. Having said that, why all the uproar?

It’s again the liberal far left pushing its agenda of turning this country into a European nanny state, to never miss an opportunity to create and exploit a crisis; the Martin protests are only an excuse to vandalize and promote leftist socialist causes.

Tell me — tell anyone — where is the outrage (an overworked word, for sure) over the killings of blacks (by blacks) every single day in Obama’s sweet home Chicago? Not a peep from the left. There is absolute silence from the leftist mouthpieces like Reuters, AP (short for Administration Press), so-called mainstream TV and newspaper media, black caucus, Jackson, Sharpton, Holder, et al ad nauseam!

And why is that? Simple answer: In Chicago it’s black on black whereas the left feeds on blacks as victims of whites, Hispanics and probably one of these days, Martians. Play the race card. O.J. Simpson anyone? The so-called free press is in bed with the left, as are many of our educators, those in the legal system, so-called celebrity personalities, to list a few.

The country is in a mess and the Twitters, tweeters, Facebookers, texters and bloggers with way too much time on their hands are having a field day disrupting and destroying the very moral, social, governing, religious, personal privacy ideals that have been, up to now, the very foundations of the country. Wake up, America, and see and acknowledge what is happening to me, to you, to “US”!

Rich Polk