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Letter to the editor: Family disappointed in prosecutor's office

Friday, July 19, 2013 - 12:01 am

An open letter to the office of the Allen County prosecutor:

On March 27, 2012, my brother was killed in a motorcycle accident that was investigated by FWPD. I have a couple of concerns that cannot be corrected, but I need to express my disappointment with your office.

First, my family was not kept informed of the disposition of this case even after I placed several phone calls to the FWPD traffic division and to your office. My family wanted to be in court at the time of the hearing to face the driver who killed my brother. Unfortunately, we were denied that opportunity. I am so sorry this happened. I would have thought that even after the investigating officer requested we be notified, it would have been done. He asked specifically if the family had been notified and was told that we had. What a shame.

I knew the warrant for the driver was issued November 2012 and again called to specifically request that we be notified when that warrant was served and when the court date had been set. I was aware of the toxicology results and he felony charges on the warrant at the time it was filed. Now, we find hose charges were reduced and my brother’s death was adjudicated as simple misdemeanor charges that resulted in a 60-day suspended sentence and a $75 fine.

That is all my brother’s life was worth? What a travesty. Why were the charges reduced against a driver who caused a death and who also tested positive for illegal substances?

My husband and I both served this community as career law enforcement officers who took great pride in the service we provided for this community.

We have a full and complete understanding of how the judicial system works in Allen County. I would have liked to think we had enough respect from our former co-workers to at least be notified of the case disposition and to have some input or understanding as to how and why the decisions were made in this fatality.

My law enforcement career and experience affords me the opportunity to know that this was wrong on so many different levels. Not only was the driver not adequately held accountable for causing my brother’s untimely death, but your office will likely never be held accountable for these decisions and for keeping the victim’s family uninformed.

Karen J. Allen