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More sexting news from Carlos Danger

Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 12:01 am

Anthony Weiner is the poster boy for self-control issues.

After being forced to resign from Congress when his sexting scandal erupted, Weiner supposedly got therapy and “became a better man.” Rehabilitated and grudgingly forgiven by wife Huma Abedin, he announced his candidacy for the New York mayor’s office. There is such a thing as redemption.

Then it was revealed that, under the name Carlos Danger, he had continued sending lewd texts and obscene self-portraits to at least three women long after he had supposedly taken the cure. And he had online relationships (if that is the right word) with “in the range of eight to 10 women.”

Unbelievably, he had been polling first among Democrats in the race. But as new details of the sexcapade dribbled out day by day, his numbers plummeted. Apparently even New Yorkers have limits to their tolerance.

Abedin apparently learned well from her former boss and mentor Hillary Clinton. She stood by her man in abject humiliation as he confessed to continued weakness. “This is all in the past, and I have forgiven him.” Was it a case of true love or, as many believe in Clinton’s case, taking the opportunity to use her husband’s success to further her own ambitions?

In case Hoosiers were feeling left out of all the fun, it was revealed late in the week that one of Weiner’s sexting correspondents, 23-year-old Sydey Leathers, is a Princeton, Ind., woman.who now says, “He’s not who I thought he was. I’m disgusted by him.”

What rock was she hiding under? The same one Weiner crawled out from under, probably.