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Saturday December 20, 2014
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Fort Wayne births, through July 28

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 7:33 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 28.

Fort Wayne

•A'moni L. Owens to Pre'arrah L. Owens.

•Aaniylah M. Rencher to Quimesha S. Bratton and Tremaine L. Rencher.

•Abel L. Reed and Amon L. Reed to Timeika N. Pinder-Rowles and Allen A. Reed.

•Abigail E. Straub to Corinne E. and Thomas A. Straub.

•Abigail F. Lehman to Amanda C. and Jason C. Lehman.

•Abigail G. Buettner to Melissa M. and Gary L. Buettner Jr.

•Adalynn M. Masoner to Amber M. Chandler and Ryan M. Masoner.

•Adondre P. Curry to Andrea N. Curry.

•Adrian D. Thompson to Jamee L. Fisher and Gregory D. Thompson.

•Adriana E. Ramirez to Cecila Ramirez.

•Adriana N. Lee to Ashley M. and Travis A. Lee.

•Aidan M. Bonar to Sarah A. and Jon A. Bonar.

•Aiden R. Lambert to Abby L. Albany and James P. Lambert II.

•Alan Vargas to Maricela and Aurelio Vargas.

•Alaysia M. Preston to Ariann N. Preston.

•Alia G. May to Jessika T. Price and Travis S. May.

•Alyiah F. Morones to Sarah M. and Alfred T. Morones.

•Amelia S. Miller to Kyleen A. and Robert L. Miller.

•Andrew L. Funk to Melanie C. and Brent L. Funk.

•Annabelle J. Bollman to Jessica L. and Bradley W. Bollman.

•Arayna L. Lambert to Bethany I. Allen and Jonathon R. Lambert.

•Ariden L. McAtee to April D. and Aaron A. McAtee.

•Ascher C. Eastman to Taylor C. Faulk and Adam C. Eastman.

•Aubrey L. Miller to Kyleen A. and Robert L. Miller.

•Austin M. Deremer to Tiffany A. Deremer.

•Ava H. King to Jennifer M. and Otis L. King.

•Ava M. Walker to Alyssa C. Walker.

•Avery L. Knight to Shenna M. and Raymond H. Knight.

•Ayesandi Thura to Nang Y. and Ko T. Thura.

•Blair R. Marsden to Paige R. Selby and Robert J. Marsden.

•Brooklynn L. Whitesel to Kathleen S. and Cory L. Whitesel.

•Caleb J. Phillips to Rachel M. and David P. Phillips.

•Callan J. Musser and Noah D. Musser to Joy D. and John D. Musser.

•Camila G. Franco to Maria Franco.

•Camila S. Briones to Angelica O. Briones.

•Carly J. Kracium to Jennifer L. and Daniel J. Kracium.

•Caroline C. Minnich to Hillary L. and Andrew D. Minnich.

•Cecelia R. Holloway to Amelia M. and Christopher W. Holloway.

•Chance R. Isaac to Stacy J. Torres and Jamie R. Isaac.

•Charlotte M. Fairchild to Holly C. and Harold O. Fairchild III.

•Chiron J. Silva to Angel M. Silva.

•Christian A. Perez to Claudia C. Miranda and Mark A. Perez.

•Christopher R. Newberry to Kristina M. and Adam C. Newberry.

•Christopher W. Diehm III to Kili S. Armstrong and Christopher W. Diehm Jr.

•Connor D. Houck to Christina M. and Joshua D. Houck.

•Cooper J. Rayl to Christina M. and Timothy R. Rayl.

•Cora L. Cochran to Sarah A. and Charles L. Cochran Jr.

•Cosette M. Marquardt to Angela M. and Justin L. Marquardt.

•Crystal R. Moore to Chanice M. Davis and Richard L. Moore.

•Dae'va S. Turner to Niyoka Y. Moore and David S. Turner Jr.

•Danielle N. Vance to Heidi E. and Jeremy J. Vance.

•Dexter J. Greener to Angela A. and Douglas J. Greener.

•Dysen R. Seibert to Andrea J. Evans-Seibert and Melvin C. Seibert.

•Edison L. Ramsey to Crystal L. and Verlin B. Ramsey Jr.

•Eilonwy M. Otto to Leah M. and James M. Otto.

•Elijah J. Gehring to Traci J. and Benjamin D. Gehring.

•Elijah R. Koerner to Lisa M. and Taylor R. Koerner.

•Elizabeth M. Morgan-Chapala to Cassandra L. Morgan and Robert P. Chapala.

•Emaan B. Rogers to Ebony M. Arnold and Brian N. Rogers.

•Emmalynne J. Stewart to Amanda L. and Thomas J. Stewart.

•Ethan O. Vazquez to Lisa R. Schlatter and Rigoverto Vazquez.

•Eugene L. Martz to Jami L. and Eugene P. Martz.

•Ezekiel E. Mendez to Tonya M. and Edward R. Mendez.

•Fernando A. Jimenez to Marilu and Oscar M. Jimenez.

•Finn D. Condo to Britani Wallace and Joshua D. Condo.

•Frank K. Avery to Olivia L. and Paul M. Avery.

•Grahm M. Toensing and Zoey M. Toensing to Erin P. and Erik A. Toensing.

•Grant K. Huffman to Samantha M. Parsons Livingston and Heath K. Huffman.

•Haley M. Fenbert to Ashley N. and Brandon J. Fenbert.

•Harper C. Kline to Lyndsay R. and Joel M. Kline.

•Hazel G. Cuellar to Alyssa B. Cuellar.

•Henry B. Vandeveer to Megan N. and Gerald J. Vandeveer II.

•Hiram R. Diaz to Sarai Tzintzun-Diaz and Raul Diaz.

•Hunter B. Kuhn to Courtney K. and Wesley W. Kuhn.

•Hunter J. Brandenburg to Natasha K. M. Cooper and Cory A. Brandenburg.

•Isabela V. Aguilar to Donietta L. Smith-Bey and Pablo A. Ramirez.

•Isabella M. Macias to Laura Y. Macias and Shamarcus L. Johnson.

•Izayah J. Cook to Phalyshia J. and Ian J. Cook.

•Jackson J. Beacham to Jenny L. and Jeffrey T. Beacham.

•Jamiyah A. Barlow-Perry to Desiree L. Laible and Jamarcus C. Barlow-Perry Sr.

•Javien C. Lamb to Jantel M. Lamb.

•Jaxon L. Saylor and Tucker R. Saylor to Danielle K. and Joseph S. Saylor.

•Jaxson K. Hicks to Natalie J. and Barry R. Hicks.

•Jayce M. Samulak to Kendra S. and Mark D. Samulak.

•Jerious S. Allen to Vanessa L. and Michael T. Allen Jr.

•Joanna L. Sutter to Jennifer L. Tinsley and Michael D. Sutter.

•Jonathan D. Tillman to Alexcia R. Tillman.

•Jordan E. Newhard to Jessica and Jacob B. Newhard.

•Jordan T. Uitts to Brandy L. Keener and Tyler J. Uitts.

•Jordyn E. Roembke to Tasha R. Wiehe and John M. Roembke.

•Joshua J. Nelson to Kathryn M. and Jeremy R. Nelson.

•Juh'lon C. Bates to Amber C. Bates.

•Juliette M. Alvarenga to Sara M. Ochoa and Marvin A. Alvarenga.

•Kamila L. Maberson to Dulce K. Sarabia and Kristopher M. Maberson.

•Kap K. Thawng to Khan Nuam and Gin S. Khai.

•Karson J. Walker to Anna L. Walker.

•Karti'ayre R. Diaz to Mariah C. Diaz.

•Kathryn M. Novotney to Hyun O. Kim and Joseph S. Novotney.

•Kayden R. Dye to Megan L. and Joshua R. Dye.

•Kennedy R. Phillips to Tavara A. and Anton D. Phillips.

•Kenneth D. Robinson III to Kiara R. and Kenneth D. Robinson Jr.

•Kenzie A. Williams to Leanna M. Bingham and Evan S. Williams.

•Kitana J. Klingler to Lacy D. Morris and Michael E. Klingler.

•Kylee A. Rothgeb to Danial A. Rothgeb.

•Ladonte' D. Carlisle Jr. to Bryna M. Walker and Ladonte' D. Carlisle Sr.

•Lamiah L. Logan to Shalanda L. Bell and Lamarcus L. Logan.

•Landin A. Bohlinger to Christina M. Rogers and Andrew M. Bohlinger.

•Landon J. Wagley to Kara N. and Daniel J. Wagley.

•Laura J. Coker to Adeola Y. and Olayinka A. Coker.

•Leah K. Standiford to Rikole L. Routson and Scott B. Standiford.

•Leo F. Braden to Hillary M. and Daniel P. Braden.

•Leo J. Perfecto to Megan J. and Alejandro Perfecto.

•Leonardo P. Monjaras to Lleymi Monjaras Miranda and Gerardo Porron Ocampo.

•Lexie G. Clauser to Holly N. Clauser.

•Liam I. Wall to Katie L. and Gary S. Wall.

•Lillianna P. Phillips to Destany T. Jackson-Phillips and Herbert L. Phillips IV.

•Lillyanna E. Nelson to Amanda E. Nelson.

•Lucas A. Beaver to Megan E. and Matthew R. Beaver.

•Lucille R. Ambriole to Stefanie A. Banks and Tyler W. Ambriole.

•Lucille S. Omlor to Lisa N. Starr and Sean P. Omlor.

•Lucy M. Sprunger to Heather N. and Brian A. Sprunger.

•Macie E. Brown to Courtney K. Krock and Justin J. Brown.

•Macie N. Whiteman to Danielle N. and Justin M. Whiteman.

•Madison D. Patton to Janelle A. Donahue and Shane A. Patton.

•Madison R. Howard to Heather D. King and Benjamin G. Howard Jr.

•Maggie L. Bishop to Ashley D. and Scott E. Bishop.

•Makenna D. Guinn to Nicole L. Voice and Daniel S. Guinn.

•Malikiah Z. Millet to Melissa K. Millet.

•Marcus A. Newsome to Sherika M. and Jamarcus J. Newsome.

•Mason D. Kenworthy to Ashley A. and Roy M. Kenworthy.

•Max R. Frederick to Kristina M. and Scott R. Frederick.

•Melissa V. Loera to Maria S. and Miguel A. Loera.

•Mia L. Alipourshehni to Nina Alipourshehni and Jason A. Thompson.

•Micah B. Hilger to Mary E. and Patrick H. Hilger.

•Michael D. Osterholt to Lyndsey M. and Chad A. Osterholt.

•Muhanmet Zined to Har B. Zwa and Kashay Zined.

•Myla J. Marks to Paige N. Fremion and Joshua R. Marks.

•Nakayla K. Hairston to Kinyedda M. Hairston.

•Nakia A. Botsford to Tammy J. Botsford.

•Natalie R. Wagner to Lyndsey R. and Conrad E. Wagner.

•Nicholas A. Mullally to Veronica D. and Andrew J. Mullally.

•Noble F. Haren to Carrie A. and Matthew P. Haren.

•Nolan L. Reilley to Season L. and Brett A. Reilley.

•Nolawi M. Abrha to Meseret M. Etay and Meron G. Abrha.

•Oliver J. Spencer to Melody D. and Lamar E. Spencer.

•Paris A. Roman Jr. to Sonya Y. Washington and Paris A. Roman Sr.

•Peachie I. Diaz to Kaitlin M. Brough and Raul A. Diaz Jr.

•Penelope A. Austin to Ann E. and William L. Austin Jr.

•Penelope R. Dowling to Rebekah A. and Marc R. Dowling.

•Piper L. Rierson to Jessica C. and Charles C. Rierson.

•Polly K. Ahrens to Tara L. and Lucas J. Ahrens.

•Rahiem J. Goudeau to Jennifer M. Goudeau.

•Rasheen K. Labrew Jr. to Marquia C. and Rasheen K. Labrew.

•Raul Lopez Jr. to Guadalupe and Raul A. Lopez.

•Robyn N. Kuckuck to Tiara N. Noey and Seth J. Kuckuck.

•Roman M. Heath to Haley L. and Benjamin M. Heath.

•Rory A. Flanagan to Cori A. and Scott A. Flanagan.

•Ryker K. Garner to Paige L. Coslow and Grandall C. Garner.

•Rylee M. Hicks to Brandi M. Lengacher and Brandyn J. Hicks.

•Samuel S. Curtis to Sarah A. and Matthew S. Curtis.

•Sariah L. Collins to Eunika L. Sanders and Rayshon W. Collins.

•Serena K. Fender to Ashley M. Fender.

•Serenity N. Rice to Nicole M. Walton and Willie L. Rice Jr.

•Seth N. Waldron to Jennifer R. and Shawn H. Waldron.

•Simon R. Glassley to Katherine E. and Jason P. Glassley.

•Sofia M. Peterson to Jasmine L. and Conner J. Peterson.

•Soleil R. Lockhart to Autumn R. Skevington and Jeffrey M. Lockhart.

•Sophia D. Crawford to Briauna S. Crawford.

•Sophia G. Keen to Tiffany R. Herold and Michael A. Keen.

•Sophia K. Magner to Ashley M. and David L. Magner.

•Sophia N. Holloway to Amelia M. and Christopher W. Holloway.

•Srujan Moningi to Sridevi Adivi and Venkata Sai Srikanth Moningi.

•Stacey N. Curry to Ladonna C. Curry.

•Sullivan M. Norris to Sarah M. and Isaac R. Norris.

•Summer M. Hodgin to Samantha M. and Patrick W. Hodgin.

•Talia M. Qatanany to Dima M. Almani and Maher E. Qatanany.

•Tanner J. Pfeiffer to Rachel N. Stimer and Joshua T. Pfeiffer.

•Taylor P. Royal to Shameka D. Arrington and Travis R. Royal.

•Teegan R. Clouse to Jamie S. Voirol and Andrew D. Clouse.

•Thangsian Z. Mung to Cing N. Niang and Tlang L. Pum.

•Ty A. Parrish to Laura D. and Brandon C. Parrish.

•William D. Sholl to Meaghan M. and Adam D. Sholl.

•Willis Benson III to Faith O. Jackson and Willis Benson Jr.

•Wryen M. Steele to Judea L. Dee-Steele and Westley Steele Jr.

•Zachary G. Paris to Emily L. and Geoffry G. Paris.

•Zane M. Parker to Brittany N. and David M. Parker.

•Zane R. Jeffries to Lauren E. Atkinson and Trevor D. Jeffries.

•Zianna R. Walker to Montannia L. Walker.