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Area births, through July 28

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through July 28. Only cities in The News-Sentinel’s circulation area are included.


•Ami James H. Little to Ashley M. and Anthony C. Little.

•Avery N. Leighty to Amber N. and Scott A. Leighty.

•Cambree I. Noe to Catessa T. Butler and Joshua R. Noe.

•Raylynn R. Combs and Ryan C. Combs to Amber D. Halsey and Daniel T. Combs.


•Adeleine C. Rentz to Kimberly D. and Jeremy A. Rentz.

•Elias C. Clements to Shellene M. Squires and Seth M. Clements.

•Hadley G. Boyer to Emily R. and Brian E. Boyer.

•Kaycee J. Kellett to Ashely H. and Bret R. Kellett.


•Alexander J. Otto to Marjorie A. and Todd W. Otto.

•Alexander L. Byers to Melissa L. Byers.

•Kenneth P. Wilson Jr. to Ashley K. and Kenneth P. Wilson.

•Nevaeh L. Oney to Elizabeth A. Kilgore and Travis L. Oney.


•Maleah R. Bailey to Ashley A. and Travis A. Bailey.


•Ember G. Hiser to Adele M. and Steven C. Hiser.

•Maria Luisa M. Montano to Gabriela Martinez Montano.

•Nohlan J. King to Rachael J. and Adam J. King.

•Olivia C. Hoffacker to Laurie A. and Tyler D. Hoffacker.


•Mason B. Garwick to Miranda M. and Nicklaus A. Garwick.

•Mya A. Wilson to Jamie L. Hitzeman and Caleb D. Wilson.

Columbia City

•Avery J. Thiele to Abbey M. and Marshall D. Thiele.

•Blake A. Furnas to Emily S. and Scott E. Furnas.

•Hazel E. Sheckler to Jenica D. and Corey D. Sheckler.

•Lincoln J. Brubaker to Megan R. and Nicholas E. Brubaker.

•Samuel K. Barclay to Briana L. Wheeler and Jason K. Barclay.


•Austin J. Fuhrmann to Karrie L. and James P. Fuhrmann.

•Emma R. Homan to Kristi M. and Kurtis R. Homan.


•Aayden R. Reinoehl to Liberty D. Reinoehl and Dustin R. Kessler.

•Chase J. Willingham to Misty M. and Brian J. Willingham.

•Collin A. Steffens to Marissa D. Harmes and Phillip J. Steffens.

•Noah D. Brown to Ashley A. Brown and Wayne K. Goff.


•Alessa A. Coon to Arika N. and Aaron J. Coon.


•Katurah M. Zehr to Sarah and John J. Zehr.

•Mahlon J. Eicher to Rosemary and Lester J. Eicher.

•Summer Lyann Leiyongsch S. William to Tamyra S. William and Logan C. Sweet.


•Aubree E. Lingo to Sonja L. and James T. Lingo.

•Lexington G. Portner and Remington G. Portner to Samantha V. Chorpenning and Cody R. Portner.


•Aliana J. Binz to Kerie M. Melchi-Roussey and Joshua B. Binz.

•Reice O. Rodriguez to Amanda M. and Joshua T. Rodriguez.

•Zachary R. Brenner to Lindsey L. and Adam D. Brenner.


•Braydon Q. Scher to Chelsea L. Scher and Camdon McClendon.

•Lawson S. Mitchell to Abigail L. and Barton A. Mitchell.

•Xander L. Brumbaugh to Brittney E. and Christopher L. Brumbaugh.

•Zayden A. James to Jessica E. Gooley and Michael J. James.


•Dylan L. Cordial to Ashley A. and Derrick L. Cordial.

•Owen J. McKinley to Emily K. and Chad M. McKinley.


•Jersi E. Owens to Caris A. and Rodney A. Owens Jr.


•Lincoln C. Travis to Elizabeth A. and Sean C. Travis.

•Lucy A. Purdy to Jeri D. and Matthew J. Purdy.


•Emily C. Braun to Angela M. and Bradley E. Braun.


•Charlotte J. Giggy to Kali M. and Brett W. Giggy.


•Arlen G. Luginbill to Alicia S. and Jarod B. Luginbill.

•Gunner A. Gerber to Misty J. Brehm and Brandon M. Gerber.

New Haven

•Addison E. Salmons to Megan K. and Nathan B. Salmons.

•Ayla J. Stratton to Madison N. Beckler and Michael P. Stratton.

•Beau B. Wake to Katelyn M. and Matthew B. Wake.

•Becka M. Satterthwaite to Heather M. and Stuart J. Satterthwaite.

•Evelyn R. Parr to Elisabeth D. and Matthew S. Parr.

•Everett A. Harris to Katie N. and Nicholas A. Harris.

•Finlay A. Herrold to Andrea A. andd Stacy M. Herrold.

•Jeramy A. Miller to Martha and Jonas R. Miller.

•Kevin L. Schmucker to Magdalena R. and Lynn J. Schmucker.

•Melah L. Fedorowicz to Danielle E. Green and Allen F. Fedorowicz.

•Parker F. Cheviron to Stephanie K. and Brandon W. Cheviron.

•Zander N. Young to Sunny R. Wilson and Adam N. Young.

North Manchester

•Felix W. Davis to Kathryn L. and Matthew M. Davis.


•Aurora G. Green to Ashley M. and Cory D. Green.

•Coleson J. Bradley to Kristi K. and Joshua D. Bradley.


•Salome F. Fingerle to Diane R. and Nathan D. Fingerle.


•Nash R. Roehm to Martha D. and Robert E. Roehm III.

South Whitley

•James P. Truelove to Cassandra C. and Jeremy P. Truelove.


•Clayton T. Oliver to Danielle J. Knable and Blake D. Oliver.

•Dorian J. Stevens to Alexandra N. Stevens.


•Kylie P. Schultz to Alicia Ann J. and Kyle A. Schultz.

•London M. Kinsey to Mary E. and Max L. Kinsey.


•Brylie A. Hayden to Kayla M. and David A. Hayden.

•Caden M. Hadley to Debben D. Luebke and Michael E. Hadley.