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Komets have been involved some strange trades over the years

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Future considerations can mean almost anything

Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 5:30 pm

Friday will end the mystery for Fort Wayne Komets fans and players.

Because of ECHL rules, the Komets have not been allowed to reveal their parts in recent trades to San Francisco and Alaska. The Komets received defenseman Simon Danis-Pepin from San Francisco and center Bobby Hughes from Alaska for "future considerations.'"

Komets General Manager David Franke said the compensation has already been agreed upon between the teams.

Most fans are expecting the Komets to lose a player, or at least the rights to an unsigned player after Alaska coach Rob Murray said in a news release, "I am very confident that the futures we receive as part of this deal with go a long way in making us a better team next season.''

Future considerations can mean anything, and sometimes has. Over the years, the Komets have traded cash, hotel accommodations, travel money, bus rentals, food and even future considerations from another trade for players. Sometimes, teams agree to pick from a list of players after they've had a chance to scout their opponents.

"You can basically do whatever you want to,'' Franke said. "It all depends on what you work out with other team.''

Maybe Fort Wayne's most noteworthy ``future considerations'' trade happened in 1993 when the Komets received defenseman Jean-Marc Richard and forward Peter Hankinson from the San Diego Gulls. Two months later, Max Middendorf was sent to the Gulls. The trade helped spark the Komets to their 1993 Turner Cup playoff run.

The oddest "future considerations'' deal came before the 1996-97 season. Forward Andy Bezeau was upset with the Komets and demanded a trade, even going so far as to attend training camp with the Michigan K-Wings. The K-Wings and Komets were trying to work out a trade when things got very strange.

When the Phoenix Roadrunners folded the year before, the K-Wings hired equipment manager Steve Wissman, who brought several truckloads of supplies with him, including the Roadrunners' washers and dryers. A Fort Wayne native and former Komets equipment manager, Wissman knew the Komets' washers and dryers were almost worn out so he called current Fort Wayne equipment manager Joe Franke to ask if he wanted the dryers.

Franke told the Komets front office about the possibility, and talks started with the K-Wings. Eventually, the Komets traded Bezeau's rights to Kalamazoo for “future considerations” which turned out to be two dryers worth about $1,600 apiece.

After Bezeau had played one game in Michigan, the IHL voided the trade - though no one can remember why - so the Komets ended up buying the dryers that they are still using today.

That's not even the strangest trade in Komets history. During the 1960s, Ken Ullyot claimed he once traded a player for a goal net, but that story is likely full of holes.

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