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Thursday August 27, 2015
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In his words: Notre Dame's Brian Kelly talks on quarterback situation

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Irish coach won't tolerate turnovers

Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 12:01 am

SOUTH BEND - Fourth-year Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly met with the media at the Guglielmino Athletics Complex on Friday and discussed the 2013 Fighting Irish quarterback situation at length.

On naming senior Tommy Rees as the starter:

"Because he was the most experienced and gave us the best opportunity to win against Temple coming out My expectation is he will take the job and continue to lead our football team.

"It was really a quite easy decision from that standpoint."

On Rees' propensity for throwing interceptions:

"We talked ad nauseum about turnovers (and) taking care of the football. I think he's got to continue to make good decisions, as any quarterback needs to do that.

"I don't think we're just taking this about Tommy Rees. I think any quarterback has got to do a great job of taking care of the football."

On how Rees has improved since last season:

"He's stronger. He has a great understanding of our offense. Again, as long as I think he continues to continue where he picked up where he left off last year making good decisions, we'll be in good shape.

"Tommy is learning. I think when you sit back and you watch the game with such great knowledge, and the combination of having played the game, when you get a chance to see it unfold, I think it's just another part of that developmental process.

"He took every mental rep, even though he didn't get them in the games, he was engaged in practices, he got tons of reps, got a chance to really see the games unfold.

"That year, although it wasn't one of a number of snaps, he was in critical times, influenced games, and helped us have an undefeated season. He learned a lot last year."

On how the offense will differ from 2012 with Rees instead of Everett Golson:

"They're a little bit different. But the offense will still have the same components. We're going to need to do some things better obviously.

"We're going to have to throw the ball more effectively. We think Tommy is somebody that can bring that. He has a great knowledge of our offense. We're excited about that end.

"Probably won't be running as much option with Tommy, but we'll do things that suit him. Again, we really like the way he physically has developed. He's stronger. He's running well. I think you're going to see the very best in Tommy Rees."