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Letter to the editor: Why is A-Rod scandal worse than Benghazi?

Monday, August 5, 2013 - 8:44 am

A-Rod is under investigation for using performance- enhancing drugs. Many other professional baseball players are under scrutiny, too. Lance Armstrong lost endorsements, public favor, and respect for his “doping.”

It seems we hear every other week about a pro football player who is sent to jail for violent acts.

Sports scandals are filling news feeds and making headlines constantly. But these players, their agents, and the leagues should change the narrative. Just call this mess “phony scandals.”

That’s what the president and his followers want us to think.

The Obama administration isn’t playing baseball, riding bicycles or trying to make the playoffs. No, this president and his administration have purposefully gone after political opponents by using the IRS and the NSA.

They have ruined the election chances of conservatives. They have abused the power that the citizens of this country gave them. Their friends have made millions paid by the U.S. taxpayers. Americans have died as a result of their lack of leadership.

There is a full-court press going on to convince us all that what is happening in Washington is phony while what is happening on the sporting field is deplorable. Have we lost our common sense?

Are we all ready to say that the sporting “sins” are far worse than a government that willingly deceives its citizens while spying on them? Are we going to keep electing people who will continue the lies, incompetence and self-serving ideology that is dragging our country into the pit?

We have lost our minds and values when we are more outraged about a drugged up baseball player than we are about an administration that treats its own citizens worse than terrorists.

When did a baseball scandal become far more despicable than the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi and the ensuing cover-up of what happened there?

Jim Johnson