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Saturday August 29, 2015
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Letter to the editor: Heritage part of charter school scheme

Friday, August 9, 2013 - 12:01 am

Heritage Academies wants to open a charter school here and already runs 74 such schools in nine states. Heritage is the name of the right-wing political organization that practically ruled the Reagan administration, supplying Reagan with their policies and his administrators, including a lot of religiously bent people and the “neo-cons” who entangled us in middle eastern wars, in which we are still entangled protecting Israel, while Israel continues to incite conflicts among other countries so they will not be free to war against Israel.

Meanwhile Jewish-Americans ensure the primary benefit to Israel.

Reagan may be gone, but Heritage is still active and involved with the charter school scheme to divide Americans by politicizing schooling of children. The intent is to siphon off impressionable children into charter schools where they can be brainwashed and reprogrammed to right-wing political correctness to divide Americans; facilitating conquest by those intent upon elimination worldwide of national boundaries to facilitate a Zionist dream of a one-world government.

We have already lost control over our own government. The last thing they want is for peace and truth to prevail. They want to keep your children and the general public obtuse to be easily manipulated by the few in power.

This is classic divide-and-conquer tactics. Do you want your children to be free in the United States or enslaved to a one-world government?

Richard D. Sloan