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Letter to the editor: Evolution is also faith-based

Monday, August 12, 2013 - 8:48 am

It is interesting to hear those in the realm of higher education showing their great tolerance for other viewpoints by suggesting that it is OK to teach creation in the philosophy classroom but not in a science classroom.

The inference, of course, is that evolution is science and, therefore, it is acceptable to teach evolution in the science classroom.

The recent editorial of The News-Sentinel that was supportive of the recent decision made by the Ball State University president to preclude teaching creation in a science class stated that religion requires faith; science seeks proof.

I can accept that, but let's apply that criterion to evolution. To prove a theory is true, true science requires the facts be testable, repeatable and observable.

I would suggest evolution fails on all three of these criteria.

Strong proponents of the evolution theory understand there is no observational scientific basis for evolution, so they have successfully won in the courtroom, arguing for separation of church and state.

Because they have changed the argument from discussing the merits of creation versus evolution to one of separation of church and state, they have not had to divulge the fact that evolution is also a faith-based view.

John G. Mohr