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Letter to the editor: I don't care where the money comes from

Thursday, August 15, 2013 - 12:01 am

I have heard a lot of feedback from the people at the art museum, telling us that we shouldn’t be concerned because our tax dollars are not going to foot the bill to put that eyesore back together. I could care less where the money comes from. I don’t care if Bill Gates writes a personal check for it. It’s ignorance and pure stupidity to spend that kind of money on nothing.

I honestly think the piece looks better and more interesting after the accident. Now it’s going to be shipped to California in pieces to get fixed and shipped back for between $100,000-200,000 and at the end, it’s going to look worse than it does now.

That makes absolutely no sense. Why can’t the artist who designed the piece just be the bigger man and admit the piece he did is not exactly his best stuff. Although the sculpture was symbolic of this city, and when it gets restored to its original glory it will once again be a shining symbol of the stupidity and ignorance this city continues to represent. The next time USA Today prints out a new report of America’s dumbest cities and we reclaim our top position, do not get upset. Embrace it, because that’s obviously who we are.

When they ship it to California they should just keep it; they might be able to use it for spare parts for something that serves a purpose, like the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s the same color.

Nick Giant