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Letter to the editor: Assistance to Baghdad must be responsible

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 12:01 am

Escalating violence in Iraq has induced the government in Baghdad to ask for U.S. aid (i.e. advisers and armed drones). Anyone supporting a military solution to violence in Iraq should remember that al-Qaida developed a presence there in the chaos after our invasion.

Our military “solutions” helped create the problems that plague Iraq.

Drones are the new panacea of American foreign policy, but they are poor ambassadors for democracy.

We can waste billions more of our money in Iraq or we can send an advisor to explain that democracy is more than tyranny of the majority.

Minority groups in Iraq (and elsewhere) will remain violent if they are denied representative participation in democratic government.

It would be grossly irresponsible to send weapons to people who need political education and economic assistance.

Tim Tiernon