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Monday, September 25, 2017
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The Rant: Casinos, Benghazi, more

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Would any other government in the world decrease their military funding and personnel as a means to get their way? As the saying goes, “only in America.”

If the citizens of Fort Wayne wanted to build up the rivergreenways, they would be asking for it. It is the politicians who want to spend the money.

Is the mayor planning to pay for consultants until he gets his way for a casino? Why do we keep paying consultants but never do anything, starting with cleaning the rivers and how about some wholesome things on and near our rivers. We do not need a casino.

What drove people away in the 1950s is still there today, but politicians don't want to accept it. Parking! Until they accept it, there will be no turnaround downtown. I guess they won't be happy until they have bankrupted us like Detroit.

John McGauley was recently criticized for the job he's done as our Allen County Recorder. Name one other elected official who has been able to balance as little as even an egg on a spoon! It's just too typical of most “politicians” to want more and more tax dollars with which to do what they've not been able to do otherwise. I say three cheers for McGauley and one huge boo-hiss for the critics.

Americans, contact your representatives and demand answers to Benghazi! There is a massive cover-up taking place and four Americans are dead! Let's remove and arrest those responsible!

I hate to see thugs, gangsters, women with their breast partially exposed wearing a rosary. This is a sacred thing of the Holy Mother; I hope you at least say a prayer when you hang it around your neck!

Let's make a generous gift of the Helmholtz sculpture to the state of California.

If you believe two people of the same gender who wish to signify their love to one another and gain over 1,000 benefits that are automatically given to those who marry should be included among atrocities as war, killing, and crimes, you dehumanize LGBT people. Perhaps you would do better to emigrate to an anti-gay country such as Russia or Uganda.

Many who decry same-sex marriage bemoan how it destroys the millennia-old model of one man and one woman uniting together. For the vast majority of that period (and in some cultures even today), this was a contract in which the woman was seen as the property of the man. Women as property is better than two people of the same gender pledging their love for one another as equals? I think you need another argument.

Consulting for a charter school while sitting on the board of a public school (EACS) — can we say “conflict of interest”?

So the president takes his family to Martha's Vineyard instead of taking them to his hometown of Chicago. They could visit Rahm Emanuel, but they might have to watch out for crossfire. Obama seems more comfortable around the wealthy than the people he says he cares about.

With all the money that the government spends on junk you would think it would have the brains to fund the FDA so that they could find out what bugs are making us sick.

When FWCS received their A a few years ago, they were quick to post banners throughout the city to share their good news. With more recent performances not showing the same level of success, our board president has announced FWCS will no longer be paying any attention to grades handed out by Indiana's Department of Education.

Each TV network should have a separate channel where each network would run their commercials 24 hours a day. Then every half-hour program would have at least 29 minutes of program/news instead of 18 minutes of program and 12 minutes of commercials as it is now.

I told you so! Obamacare gonna cost ya.

Missouri clown gets criticism for wearing an Obama mask. Just maybe when one leader of the free world acts the clown, he probably will be mocked.

A person needs an ID to go through security at an airport, a person sometimes is asked to show their ID. When they use their credit card, a person is sometimes asked to show their ID. If they buy cigarettes or liquor, a person may be asked to show their ID. … So why is the big deal being made of requiring an ID to vote?


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