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Wednesday January 28, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through Aug. 11

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 11.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah N. Castaneda to Maria I. Castaneda.

•Aaron J. Ward to Sylvia M. and Stephen J. Ward.

•Abigail A. Werling and Gabriel M. Werling to Alicia A. Freiburger and Blaine M. Werling.

•Adalyn M. Wood to Amber M. and Andrew S. Wood.

•Addilyn M. Butler to Hollie D. Ryan-Butler and Tyler Butler.

•Addison K. Kitch to Karese E. and Chester T. Kitch Jr.

•Ahleah M. James to Antonesia P. James.

•Alaina C. Booker to Kasey D. and Joshua A. Booker.

•Alaythea G. Baker to Amy E. and Tyler D. Baker.

•Alexander M. Strebig to Maria N. and Aaron M. Strebig.

•Alexander N. Dunn to Thida A. and Michael S. Dunn.

•Ali A. Scarbeary to Lesli R. and Jim C. Scarbeary.

•Alyse J. Burnham to Jacqueline N. and Matthew J. Burnham.

•Alyssa J. Stephenson to Samantha J. and Eric C. Stephenson.

•Anderson M. Bremer to Kristen M. and Richard L. Bremer.

•Andrew K. Burwell to Tana R. Burwell.

•Angel A. Barrios to Juliana Barrios.

•Angel D. Prudenciano to Edna P. Balderramos and Alfredo Prudenciano.

•Aniyaa L. Ensley to Shonia M. Ensley.

•Artae D. Surry to Akenya S. Surry.

•Ashton L. Coolman and Liam D. Coolman to Melissa L. Gallagher and Ryan P. Coolman.

•Aspen D. Reed to Erica L. Strevy and Derek J. Reed.

•Audrey M. Dance to Jessica M. Conrad and Devonte L. Dance.

•Austin J. Ehinger to Sarah J. and Travis M. Ehinger.

•Ava A. Eloph to Amber A. Dewitt and Brandon J. Eloph.

•Ava D. Short to Kayla C. Hartman and Donald A. Short II.

•Ava G. Carlin to Kelly S. Carlin.

•Avalin R. Smits to Emilee G. Grossman and William B. Smits.

•Averee E. Lockett to Dajuan I. Lastrapes and Alfred E. Lockett.

•Azariah J. Gerardot to Sarah C. and Josiah C. Gerardot.

•Bailee E. Lambert to Natalie I. and Jeffrey P. Lambert.

•Benjamin M. Gallo to Rachel E. and Michael S. Gallo.

•Braden M. Furlong and Ethan D. Furlong and Jace A. Furlong to Alisha S. and Clarence C. Furlong.

•Bradley A. Barbour Jr. to Thine H. Htaw and Bradley A. Barbour Sr.

•Brian T. Jackson Jr. to Sheree R. Brown and Brian T. Jackson.

•Brice R. Turnbow to Rebecca A. Gibson and Daniel L. Turnbow.

•Brooklyn A. Williamson to Jill A. and Gabriel L. Williamson.

•Camden A. Johnson to Ashley J. and Robert J. Johnson.

•Carson L. James to Laurie S. Allisbaugh and David N. James.

•Carson L. Kerg to Elizabeth A. and Terry L. Kerg Jr.

•Carter J. Young to Stacy M. Christopher and Brandon F. Young.

•Cassidee D. Shannon to Stephanie M. Sorg and Patrick D. Shannon.

•Charlotte M. Manny to Nicole L. and Christopher C. Manny.

•Chase A. Pence to Katie L. and Christopher A. Pence.

•Christopher L. Cervantes Jr. to Brittani R. and Christopher L. Cervantes Sr.

•Ciryah V. Jimison to Whitney T. Jimison.

•Claire M. Patton to Nicole M. and Joseph R. Patton.

•Colin P. Mooney to Emily R. Christlieb Pequignot and Phillip L. Mooney.

•Collins S. Bentley to Tara M. Cummins-Bentley and Beau E. Bentley.

•Colton D. Heffner to Heather R. Heffner and Clyde H. Brown.

•Cooper M. Bailey to Alyssa A. and Kameron M. Bailey.

•Dallas J. Chacon to Krystana S. Boutsaboualoy and Juan E. Chacon.

•Daniel T. Burke to Elaine V. Cruz and Darren R. Burke.

•David P. Thang to Nem K. No and Sian K. Hau.

•Davionna M. Valencia to Heather L. Campbell and Juan A. Valencia Reynozo.

•Dehiyal Harmet to Ahmi Nar and Har Met.

•Delainee I. Marks to Quiesha D. Bibbs and Quinton L. Marks.

•Delaney E. Davis to Arianne M. and Timothy M. Davis.

•Delilah M. Roberts to Jessica D. Roberts.

•Dustin H. Mitchell to Tammy R. and Kirk A. Mitchell.

•Edden J. Carter to Bethany S. and Joseph M. Carter.

•Eden N. Klea to Katherine J. and Dustin R. Klea.

•Edenmarie F. Brown to Brandisue L. MacDonald and Shane M. Brown.

•Electra M. Loy to Jilleisa K. and Chad R. Loy.

•Eli A. Turner to Kecia L. Williams and Carlos A. Turner Sr.

•Elias J. Meredith to Hailey R. and Tyler J. Meredith.

•Elijah S. Deleon to Asha C. Deleon.

•Elleanna M. Esquivel to Keila M. Velez and David L. Esquivel.

•Ellie C. Rusk to Jeri S. and Joshua A. Rusk.

•Emmaline M. Nikkel to Stephanie A. and Christopher A. Nikkel.

•Eva D. Lovell to Whitney M. and Benjamin M. Lovell.

•Evan T. Cisler to Laura A. and Richard T. Cisler.

•Evelyn G. McCollister to Crystal L. and Jeffrey L. McCollister.

•Evelyn H. Reed to Laura M. and Mark L. Reed.

•Everett R. Cummins to Ashley M. and Richard D. Cummins III.

•Ezio A. Fryback to Jennifer R. Fryback.

•Farryn M. Thomas to Allegro N. and Floyd H. Thomas.

•Frederic D. Patton to Elizabeth G. Perry and John D. Patton.

•Fylex M. Dumford to Meghan A. Dumford.

•Gabrielle M. Epperson to Angela M. and Terrance D. Epperson.

•Gamer Z. Dargan to Lawza M. Humaidi and Zaid A. Dargan.

•Grace A. Confer to Debora P. Anbank and Joseph D. Confer.

•Gracelyn K. Reed to Ashley K. and Justin L. Reed.

•Gracin I. Lunford to Kylee F. and Rickyle C. Lunford.

•Gwyneth B. Romanetz to Lindsey R. and Mitchell A. Romanetz.

•Hadlee V. Porter to Jordan R. Porter.

•Hadley M. Reynolds to Susan K. Keller and David W. Reynolds Jr.

•Haley M. Harber to Pamela M. and Jonathan R. Harber.

•Harlow M. Schillinger to Madison M. and Adam H. Schillinger.

•Harma Nar to Zin Mar Htet and Tun Tun.

•Harper M. Abshire to Jennifer R. and Douglas J. Abshire.

•Harper R. Collar to Kelsey A. and Mark A. Collar.

•Hazel E. Miller to Kasie K. and Christopher R. Miller.

•Henry M. Wedler to Leah R. and Benjamin M. Wedler.

•Idris M. Hughes to Tiffany R. Johnson and Malik I. Hughes.

•Isaac M. Smith to Denise J. and Thaddeus M. Smith.

•Isabella J. Storey-Henry to Amanda L. and Daniel P. Henry.

•Isabella M. Kindig to Emily A. and Austin M. Kindig.

•Isabella R. Cryer to Precious H. Cryer.

•Isabella R. Paniagua to N Miriam R. Ruiz and Miguel Paniagua.

•Israel W. Buell to Brittany R. Jefferson and Jared S. Buell.

•Ja'zeon L. Collins to Cyntoria D. Holmes and Jesse D. Collins.

•Jacie J. Hunt to Justine J. Fincher and James D. Hunt.

•Jack T. Dudley to Genevieve M. Carney and Travis J. Dudley.

•Jacob J. Kuhn to Brittany J. Kuhn.

•Jacob M. Meyer to Kelly N. Wheaton and James P. Meyer.

•Jalen J. Peoples-Jackson to Jaleesa A. Peoples and Courtney D. Jackson.

•Jamarcus D. Jackson-Chapman Jr. to Talina T. Trowell Morgan and Jamarcus D. Jackson-Chapman Sr.

•James C. Bruce to Kelsey A. Helmuth and James A. Bruce.

•Janice J. Keener to Lizbeth Garcia-Fuertes and Joseph M. Keener.

•Jax M. Abreu to Terri L. and Waldo D. Abreu.

•Jayden C. Wells and Jeremy R. Wells to Beth A. and Jermine L. Wells.

•Jayden L. Donaldson to Tashia D. Donaldson.

•Jeremiah S. Arnold to Janel C. and Johnnie V. Arnold.

•Jericho A. Corey to Wyleka D. Corey.

•Johvona L. Breham to Venella R. Breham.

•Josiah C. Christian to Hannah E. and Johnny L. Christian Jr.

•Josiah E. Figueroa to Luz G. and Erick E. Figueroa.

•Jovie B. O'Connor to Kristen D. and Kevin C. O'Connor.

•Julian J. Ortega to Kristina L. and Jose M. Ortega.

•Ka'von K. Roper to Jammi R. Townsend and Talon M. Roper.

•Kadence D. Beard to Sabrina A. Beard.

•Kate A. Goldsberry to Krystle L. and Gary L. Goldsberry Jr.

•Kiani M. Lapsley to Arias D. Lapsley.

•Kieran D. Foellinger to Alexis L. Dergins and Forrest Foellinger.

•Kyla R. Morton to Shawn K. Smith and Damon A. Morton.

•Kyle A. Ramsey to Abby L. and Bryan C. Ramsey.

•Landin C. Vielhauer to Danelle M. Vielhauer.

•Lauren A. Charlton and London A. Charlton to Breanna M. Gunn and Bryson C. Charlton.

•Leah D. Bauer to Amber A. and Christopher L. Bauer.

•Letica A. Shirely to Erica A. Proegler and Trey M. Shirely.

•Lilah L. Silcox to Corrie L. and John K. Silcox.

•Lilah R. Hunt to Jessica R. Miller and Darren L. Hunt.

•Liliana R. Spreng to Kari A. and Brandon M. Spreng.

•Lillian F. McConnell to Wendy L. and Jeremy R. McConnell.

•Linley R. Goehring to Kali S. Strube and Jeffrey A. Goehring.

•Lucy M. Bieberich to Jill S. and Daniel R. Bieberich.

•Lukas T. Grabowski to Jessica R. and Mark T. Grabowski.

•Lukus A. Neumann to Nicole K. Wolfe and Alexander J. Neumann.

•Lydia C. Vorndran to Alexandria M. and Anthony R. Vorndran.

•Lyric N. Shaver to Andrea C. and Randy W. Shaver.

•Maddox Z. De Villiers to Kasie J. Maynard and Willem De Villiers.

•Malachi J. Woodson-Lewis to Laquwiesh D. Woodson and Eric D. Lewis.

•Malai M. Bailey to Gail M. Kesith and David Bailey III.

•Marshall K. Bratten to Amanda K. Ewald and Joseph S. Bratten.

•Mason K. Alexander to Stacy L. Manter and Bryant K. Alexander.

•Maxwell D. Reynolds to Lori A. and Jason A. Reynolds.

•Michael D. Roth to Andrea L. and Joseph J. Roth.

•Michael S. Woods to Jessica E. and Paul E. Woods III.

•Michelle P. Alvarez to Maria M. Alvarez and Juan G. Mendez Yungaisela.

•Minesh K. Singh to Miriva Magar and Gopesh K. Singh.

•Na'liah L. Khaliq to Yolanda C. and Mohammed S. Khaliq.

•Nalyn R. Davis to Nicole R. Hill and Gary S. Davis.

•Nariah S. Smith to Narisha S. Smith.

•Norah G. Ramy to Correne S. and Gannon M. Ramy.

•Nova K. Jones to Alyssa L. Pfleider and Travis C. Jones.

•Oliver N. Gilg to Nichole L. and Rief A. Gilg.

•Olivette E. Regier to Amanda J. and Trent M. Regier.

•Oscar B. Christen to Elaine B. Moses and Mark A. Christen.

•Paris Z. Patmon to Tara N. Meriwether and Paris R. Patmon Jr.

•Parker M. McClain to Renee A. Lytle and Patrick M. McClain.

•Paula N. Urias to Maria R. Urias and Jose A. Urias Martinez.

•Perri J. Lowenstein to Kara J. and Mason G. Lowenstein.

•Preston J. Nakasen to Precious U. Nakasen.

•Quin'tae J. Royal to Shondra M. and Lance E. Royal Jr.

•Ram Z. Be to Ha W. Be.

•Robert J. Boger to Julia E. and Timothy L. Boger.

•Rylan J. Linder to Shannon L. and Jacob P. Linder.

•Sadie D. Neal to Catlyn D. and Jared F. Neal.

•Santiago G. Delcid to Reyna Mascorro and Edvin G. Delcid.

•Savannah G. Hardesty to Kelly K. and Jeremy R. Hardesty.

•Sawyer J. Hemsoth to Holly R. and Travis J. Hemsoth.

•Sawyer L. Hackett to Lindsay E. and Zachery K. Hackett.

•Scarlette J. Fortier to Danielle J. Barnett and Nicholas V. Fortier.

•Serriah N. Sain to Janique M. Sain.

•Sophia S. Garcia to Laura E. and Paulino A. Garcia.

•Terrance M. King Jr. to Latisha L. Turner and Terrance M. King.

•Tristyn J. Bradfield to Chelsea N. and Joseph T. Bradfield.

•Zayn A. Dee to Ma Phyoe and Ah Dee.

•Zenna R. Etheridge to Larissa A. Etheridge.

•Zoen S. Thang to Don H. and Hau L. Thang.