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Area births, through Aug. 11

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 11. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Hudson L. Lizak to Jory E. and Nicholas T. Lizak.


•Tyson M. Caruthers to Kayla N. Cass and Christopher D. Caruthers.

•William N. Russell to Mollie A. Pyles and Curtis N. Russell.


•Brantleigh M. Carper to Maekayla L. Carper and Austin T. Bolen.

•Emma M. Hart to Amber L. and Eric D. Hart.

•Lillian L. Gallagher to Tiffany E. and Seth S. Gallagher.

•Natalee L. Schnitz to Anette M. Gasparini and Steven W. Schnitz.

•Tracy Q. Slone to Amber L. Quinn and Sylvester R. Slone.

•Valentina M. Kessler to Viktoriya K. Stewart and Lloyd E. Kessler II.


•Dominic H. Strader and Mason W. Strader to Marlissa D. Dillion and Wyatt H. Strader.

•Myles A. Caffee to Kalla J. and Justin R. Caffee.

•William B. Schwartz to Rebecca J.E. and Levi J. Schwartz.


•Hudson J. Reimschisel to Janelle R. and Jeremy T. Reimschisel.

•Lakelyn B. Gerber to Andrea L. and Lucas B. Gerber.


•Julianna R. Grass and Steven D. Grass to Katrina R. and Ethan D. Grass.

•Nathan J. King to Kristin L. and Bradley A. King.

•Tegan J. Smith to Teya B. Lahr and Alexander J. Smith.

Columbia City

•Alivia K. Bickel to Amanda K. Easter and Adrian C. Bickel.

•Anna I. Perry to Jeanette C. and Billy J. Perry.

•Ethan L. Born to Jennifer M. and Joshua D. Born.

•Gage A. Babler to Catina M. and Lucas A. Babler.

•Manuel O. Munoz to Chelsea L. Lolmaugh and Eidan Munoz.

•Parker O. Eber to Katherine E. Eber.


•Coen A. Rumschlag to Erin E. Nash and Adam D. Rumschlag.

•David L. Woods to Tiffani R. Roe and Eric D. Woods.

•Lauren R. Houk to Rachel E. and Nicholas A. Houk.

•Morrison D. Everett to Karly B. Everett.

•Safet Sinanovic to Sanela and Emir Sinanovic.

•Sawyer W. Bauman to Andrea B. and Christopher W. Bauman.


•Avlyn J. Wilkinson to Celeste M. Fanning-Lichtsinn and Joshua R. Wilkinson.

•Kinsley A. Barile to Sara K. and Todd M. Barile.


•Dawson L. Robbins to Tasha L. Robbins.


•Bertha B. Girod to Christine E. and Benjamin E. Girod.


•Joseph J. Graber to Laura M. and Joseph J. Graber.

•Lawayne J. Graber to Amanda S. and Louis D. Graber.

•Magdalene M. Graber to Barbara and Tobias Graber.

•Mark A. Schwartz to Marilyn A. and Solomon S. Schwartz.


•Taelyn A. Rosswurm and Tegan T. Rosswurm to April S. and Adam T. Rosswurm.


•Brynnlee A. Beekman to Jasmine K. and Jay W. Beekman.

•Emma R. Funk to Rachel A. and Nicholas L. Funk.

•Hayden A. Wiley to Kelli C. Wiley.

•Karly L. DeHaven to Jaclyn J. and Joshua J. DeHaven.

•Lucy J. Brown to Alexandra P. and Matthew S. Brown.

•Myla R. Ganton to Leeann V. and Kyle M. Ganton.

•Nicholas X. Decker to Melissa R. and Ryan E. Decker.


•Audrey E. Lash to Deana A. and Gregory W. Lash Jr.

•Trippten W. Parks to Brittany J. Miller and Johnathon R. Parks.


•Mckenzie A. Striker to Emily S. and John C. Striker.


•Colton M. Sams to Amanda L. Sams.


•Keagan L. Prus to Michelle L. and Daniel P. Prus.


•Alana F. Drayer to Heather A. and Bruce A. Drayer.

•Grayson J. Spieth to Lindsay M. and Zachary C. Spieth.

•Timothy P. Smullen III to Jonelle L. Bartlett and Timothy P. Smullen Jr.


•Lincoln M. Moser to Summer L. and Tyler T. Moser.


•Nolan L. Allen to Cheryl L. and Peter J. Allen.


•Ava D. Smith to Angela M. and Thomas F. Smith.

•Tannon P. Lash to Kyla N. and David P. Lash.


•Adaleah S. Alexander to Lora A. and Michael A. Alexander.

•Charlotte M. Franz to Amber R. and Darin B. Franz.

•Eli A. Emenhiser to Kaylene R. Hamric and Alex C. Emenhiser.


•Kali M. Fiechter to Staci L. and Kurt J. Fiechter.

New Haven

•Duke F. Phillips to Rosemary A. and Zachary K. Phillips.

•Grace C. Lehrman to Amy C. and Derek P. Lehrman.

•Jacob R. Newland and Jaxon R. Newland to Kerry J. Ray and Michael S. Newland.

•Jayden A. Archibald to Jennifer L. and Joshua L. Archibald.

•Jordan J. Sanders to Keyanna D. Myers and Rafeal J. Sanders.

•Karlene J. Lengacher to Emma and Timothy R. Lengacher.

•Kaylee N. Schoof to Shaina N. and Evan R. Schoof.

•Matthew J. Winner to Alexandrea M. Stocksdale and Jaycob W. Winner.

•Rose T. Colone to Amelia M. and Joseph A. Colone.

•Sharon E. Zehr to Amanda and Jonathan J. Zehr.

•Taylin E. Rorick to Tara R. and Craig A. Rorick.

North Manchester

•Avery D. Davison to Carrie J. and Shawn L. Davison.

•Tinley L. Dale to Angela D. and Jeffrey L. Dale.


•Enrique T. Malone to Wendy M. and Ernest L. Malone III.

•Griffin D. Mason and Zayne A. Mason to Victoria G. and Christopher S. Mason.

•Rosalynn L. Bennett to Chantel M. and Ronald L. Bennett Jr.

St. Joe

•Hannah S. Roemke and Noah L. Roemke to Abigail K. and Adam M. Roemke.

Silver Lake

•Parker J. Churchill to Kiira L. and Adam R. Churchill.

South Whitley

•Slayde P. Merrill to Lindsey J. and Derrell J. Merrill Jr.


•Bennett F. Graham to Danielle F. and Joseph G. Graham.

•Jaelah E. Lengacher to Baily E. Lengacher.


•Kalaina M. Cussen to Sabrina M. and Seth T. Cussen.


•Katherine V. Linker to Christina A. and Brian A. Linker.


•Aadhvik R. Vikram to Yashwantni Ravi and Vikram Veeraraghavan.

•Quinn A. Thompson to Angela M. and Jerad R. Thompson.


•Natalie P. Sarll to Alyson M. and Joseph A. Sarll.


•Isaiah E. Hissong to Jessica N. and Kyle L. Hissong.

•Jenna K. Brandenberger to Loretta A. and David Brandenberger.

•Lucy T. Schortgen to Alison M. and Darren P. Schortgen.