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Letter to the editor: Lessons from 'Lincoln'

Friday, August 23, 2013 - 12:01 am

I watched the movie “Lincoln” the other day and saw some revealing traits that have not been portrayed before in Lincoln movies. The backroom armtwisting was new to me and made me think we have not changed a bit in the last 150 years. I think the liberals should look at this movie because the next revealing thing was that the Democrats fought the “Emancipation Amendment” tooth and nail, calling the Republicans abolitionist.

I saw an interview about how authentic they wanted to make this movie, and I thought that this authenticity is why the movie never got the awards it deserved. The liberals in California didn’t like that the Democrats fought this amendment.

Who drafted the amendment and who got it through?

Why are the liberals so hypocritical? I even read that the mortgage fraud announced by the Democrats just before the election last year was grossly inflated. “Obamacare” is falling apart and only going to hurt the people it intended to help, because the unions and big business have an extension but not us.

Why are they believed about anything?

Gary Schierling