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Letter to the editor: Make a difference

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 12:01 am

Do the church and Christ make a difference? You bet!

After a successful dental appointment – “Look, mother, no cavities!” – we stopped at our favorite shop on Coliseum Boulevard. for soup and sandwich. Our satisfactory day was highlighted by a group of high school students who came into the restaurant. It was evident that their high school had a dress code. I mentioned to my wife that here is an athletic team from a Christian school. They all had dress shirts, ties, dress pants and shoes. But it wasn’tjust the dress of the young men but their demeanor that was so impressive. Well, being the inquisitive preacher that I am, I approached their line to find out. I was right. With courtesy, they informed me that they were the soccer team from Bishop Dwenger High School. With patience, they continued to answer my questions about their school and team.

There you have it, folks. It wasn’t just the dress, but the attitude of these young men that stood out and made them a crowd apart.

In as much as my wife and I were on the first school board to start Lakewood Park Christian School in Auburn, it was good to see that others are continuing to promote that which makes a great difference in the lives of youth today: Christian education. Thanks fellows. You made the day of this old preacher and his wife.

Wayne E. Smith