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Tuesday January 27, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through Aug. 25

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 25.

Fort Wayne

•A'Janahe L. Johnson to Monique L. and J.J. Johnson III.

•A'mylah L. Wallace to Maranda L. Wallace.

•Aaliyah J. King to Adria R. and Jimi King III.

•Abigail F. Roe to Sarah S. and James L. Roe.

•Abraham J. Floyd to Nadine L. and Mark C. Floyd.

•Adin Covic to Albina and Azret Covic.

•Adrian L. Pennington to Alyson P. Pennington.

•Alexander A. Morales to Sofia Morales Nunez and Alejandro Perez.

•Alyrianna J. Ealy to Angela J. and Larry V. Ealy II.

•Amelia May to Ke Air May and Lah Ni.

•Analise V. Williams to Natasha M. Sanchez and Anthony V. Williams.

•Andrew J. Herber to Trina S. and Mark J. Herber.

•Anjali E. Fernandez to Krystal and Armando Fernandez.

•Annabelle R. Pressler to Ashlee B. and Christopher M. Pressler.

•Anthony D. Schall to Alyssa M. and Nicholas E. Schall.

•Aria H. Casey to Kara R. and Anthony J. Casey.

•Arieah E. Samuel to Darnesha R. Neal and Anthony C. Samuel.

•Ariel M. Phillips to Kielle B. Bender and Robert A. Phillips Jr.

•Artesa T. Allen to Shandi M. Stanton and Demarcus D. Allen.

•Aubrey R. Creager to Angela M. Hardesty and Nathan S. Creager.

•Aurora R. Smith to Lauren C. Eby and Kolby C. Smith.

•Autumn M. Kramer to Lori L. and Joshua E. Kramer.

•Avery L. Beko to Heather N. and Perry C. Beko.

•Avery M. Moreno to Carole L. and Billy J. Moreno.

•Aveyah L. Howard to Denisha D. Howard.

•Avielle C. VanDyke to Dezirae M. VanDyke.

•Azariah E. Carlson to Elizabeth E. and Jacob E. Carlson.

•Beatrice W. Kaufman to Danielle N. and Benjamin P. Kaufman.

•Benjamin R. Shoda to Terri R. and Jarod L. Shoda.

•Bradyn L. McKinney to Brittany N. Girton and Anthony C. McKinney.

•Brandon D. Wilms-Ridley Jr. to Jashell C. Wilms and Brandon D. Ridley.

•Braylen O. Englert to Ashley L. Englert.

•Briek L. Harshbarger to Britney A. Woods and Kyle G. Harshbarger.

•Bryan A. Gramajo to Elida Donis Gramajo.

•Caitlyn E. Page to Emily M. and Garrett D. Page.

•Carlito P. Tatum to Kristy M. and Quinton J. Tatum.

•Carson J. Doolittle to Ashlee N. Slate and Jon L. Doolittle.

•Carter E. Bender to Brittni R. Bender.

•Charles J. Suvar to Nicole E. and Daniel J. Suvar.

•Christopher J. Lemus to Veronica Reyes Lemus.

•Ciin L. Cing to Vung N. Niang and Thang K. Khen.

•Cinghau Gin to Nian S. Nuam and Pau Gin.

•Cirenity A. Upchurch to Crystal M. Upchurch.

•Claribel G. Raber to Amy M. and Daniel A. Raber.

•Connor D. Wilkins to Deanna L. and Colin D. Wilkins.

•Cora M. Tinkle to Jessica M. and Brandon J. Tinkle.

•Cruz X. Gonzalez to Nicole C. Lange and Eliseo J. Gonzalez.

•Dakota N. Dowdell to Rachel N. and Cordero D. Dowdell.

•Daleyza N. Carranza to Yesenia Carranza Ramirez and Franco I. Cornelio Perfecto.

•Dezyre'on M. Bragg to Dezyre S. Bragg.

•Eden E. Renderos to Adilene and Luis A. Renderos.

•Eden L. Hendrick to Anna C. and Ryan A. Hendrick.

•Edgardo A. Espinoza to Maria Espinoza Calixto and Oswaldo Aguirre Alvarez.

•Eduardo M. Carrillo to Claudia Nino Arias and Humberto Carrillo Perez.

•Elijah M. Didier to Hilary M. and John J. Didier.

•Elijah M. Reyes to Alyssa M. Reyes.

•Elizabeth A. Cunningham to Kathryn E. Stafford-Cunningham and Matthew A. Cunningham.

•Ellyson R. Vazquez to Jessica J. and Cody A. Vazquez.

•Emelia R. Baker to Gabrielle A. and Paul J. Baker.

•Emersen J. Gordon to Haley L. Gordon.

•Emilia P. Zimmerman to Erin N. and Grant M. Zimmerman.

•Emily J. Sibert to Alyssa M. Berindei and Robert J. Sibert II.

•Emmalee S. Kelley to Amanda N. Brinneman and James E. Kelley Jr.

•Ethan A. Ford to Tonya A. and John D. Ford.

•Ethan L. Kline to Jacklyn P. McDonald and Timothy M. Kline.

•Evan M. Hager to Jennifer L. and Brian D. Hager.

•Evan P. Nichter to Angela N. and James A. Nichter.

•Eve S. Funk to Brigid E. and Jason P. Funk.

•Evelyn R. Gonser to Lauren S. and Caleb J. Gonser.

•Ezra Saw to Ehklusee Day and Willain Kyi.

•Faythe R. Coleman to Ebony L. Turner and Roman C. Coleman.

•Francis A. Snyder to Brittany N. Kemner and Kasey R. Snyder.

•Francis V. Nguyen to Kimdung T. Nguyen and Hoa Q. Tran.

•Gavin J. Welch to Jacquelynne M. and James A. T. Welch.

•Gianna M. Digregory to Jennifer M. and Anthony G. Digregory.

•Grayson A. Hatlevig to Jami R. Akers and Brock A. Hatlevig.

•Greyson C. Acre to Jennifer M. Acre.

•Griffith E. Broman to Stephanie E. and Ezra E. Broman.

•Haneen Ghanem to Amnah Allboani and Ammar Ghanem.

•Hannah A. Osei to Christina K. Osei and Richard Osei Kofi.

•Hannah J. Markey to Shareese K. Youell and Daniel P. Markey.

•Henry J. Warner to Jillian M. and Nathan J. Warner.

•Henry R. Kerl to Ashley M. and Ryan M. Kerl.

•Hudson R. Warner to Amy M. and Daniel F. Warner.

•Hunter R. Jeffus to Katelyn A. Shepard and Raymond E. Jeffus.

•Isabella F. Zapata to Rhonda L. and Ricardo M. Zapata.

•Isabella M. Smuts to Kirsten L. and Stephanus E. Smuts.

•Isabelle I. Herzberg to Katherine A. and Andrew E. Herzberg.

•Izzabella M. Chalfant to Jessica R. Budrow and Shane J. Chalfant.

•Ja'khi A. Bridges to Destinee R. Bridges.

•Jaelynn K. Dean to Jennifer M. Dean.

•Jaidah B. Roth to Mirandah C. Pulley and Timothy J. Roth.

•Jaliyah O. Kennedy to Belinda M. Velazquez and Jon Jerron D. Kennedy.

•Jamiya M. Riley to Jamilla L. Riley and Brian A. Sewell.

•Janelle L. Lengacher to Viola and Mervin D. Lengacher.

•Japheth C. Sims Jr. to Lawandra R. Smith and Japheth D. Sims.

•Jasper L. Hendricks to Tiffany D. Hilty and Trevor S. Hendricks.

•Jauneice M. Berry to Alicia L. Berry.

•Jaylen A. Gray to Lakeshia N. Kennedy and Donnell S. Gray.

•Jaylon R. Suggs to Dominique M. Suggs and Rico D. Nettles.

•Jazlyn M. Parker to Kimberly L. Hicks and Jason D. Parker.

•Jenna L. Simons to Norah L. Christlieb and Robert D. Simons.

•Jerry Marn to Eam and Htaw Marn.

•Jonathan X. Bean to Amber M. Spradlin and Jonathan J. Bean.

•Joseph P. West to Katelyn A. and Corey D. West.

•Josiah I. Caldwell to Laura M. and Luke I. Caldwell.

•Kadynce T. Patmon to Jalletta V. Patmon.

•Kailynn P. Zepeda to Elizabeth M. and Jose L. Zepeda.

•Kameron O. Barrie to Amanda R. Matten and Abdul Barrie.

•Kayden W. Munro to Tiffany A. and Nicholas W. Munro.

•Keiser R. Daniels to Charlotte E. Cox and Brian M. Daniels.

•Kennedy M. Targgart to Hillary G. Targgart and Trenton C. Keller.

•Kennedy R. Bailey to Laura A. and Patrick S. Bailey.

•Kiara J. Olmstead to Guelda M. Coats and Robert P. Olmstead.

•Kinsley S. Burns to Brittnee S. Neal and Jarred T. Burns.

•Kylie A. Russell to Ashley N. Fletcher and Juston M. Russell.

•Leshon M. Ackles to Lashonda M. Ackles.

•Levi N. Strack to Holli R. and Nathaniel M. Strack.

•Lillian J. Ford to Melinda A. and James A. Ford.

•Lincoln J. Devaux to Holly M. and Nathan J. Devaux.

•Lucas Galvan to Karen I. Guzman and Joseph T. Galvan Sr.

•Lucas M. Goldfuss to Amber A. and Edwin F. Goldfuss.

•Lucy M. Nicholson to Ingrid A. and Paul J. Nicholson.

•Luka Sebastian C. Dunifon to Sofia G. and Martin A. Dunifon.

•Malachi D. Dirig to Nicole M. Blosser and Jonathan D. Dirig.

•Malachi J. Johnson to Hillary E. Johnson.

•Maximus T. Clark to Maria A. and Brandon T. Clark.

•Mildred A. Nally to Rachel A. and Jeremy A. Nally.

•Miley J. Brown to Courtney M. Ertel and Wiley Brown III.

•Moe T. Phyu to Mo Mo and A Pha.

•Mya R. Treft to Merissa J. and Justin A. Treft.

•Na'khylia Z. Laster to Tyonia D. Moore and Phillip D. Laster.

•Na'siyah N. Warren to Shatoya J. Warren and Thurman C. Rogers.

•Nancy R. Wyatt to Mylashia D. Alford-Harris and Alan D. Wyatt.

•Nasica S. Penrod to Samantha A. and Daniel A. Penrod.

•Nathaniel Z. Woodward to Hailey R. Woodward.

•Noah K. Green to Ashley S. and Kenneth Green Jr.

•Noit Mang to Esther N. Niang and Lian K. Suan.

•Nolan J. Rosalez to Morgan A. Lee and Cliffton A. Rosalez.

•Nura-Maka E. Andusa to Amira Z. Izedine and Esmaeel A. Andusa.

•Nye'zear L. Watts to Tabrina N. Watts.

•Olive G. Houser to Ryan M. and Kevin L. Houser.

•Olivia D. Quinn to Charmaine N. Cockerham and Davon L. Quinn.

•Omari T. Garvin to Shaquayla D. Garvin.

•Orienna K. Green to Shamenn K. Sykes and Jermine Green.

•Oscar G. Leyva to Nancy Quintana and Gabriel Leyva.

•Otto D. Kirsch to Elizabeth A. and David W. Kirsch.

•Owen C. Adams to Ashlee M. Adams and Michael J. Arvin.

•Owen E. Wielosinski to Stephanie L. and Edward A. Wielosinski.

•Parker R. Kollin to Davonna J. and Brett R. Kollin.

•Parkerlee L. Stangland to Abigail G. Stangland.

•Quincy J. Pierce to Quianika J. Pierce.

•Raina Singh to Karuna KC and Saurav B. Singh.

•Raquel Garcia to Luz Elena Garcia and Leopoldo Garcia-Mota.

•Raygen J. Koch to Stephanie A. and Christopher M. Koch.

•Reid M. Koesters to Jodi M. and Brian M. Koesters.

•Rita M. Brinker to Susan M. and Jody L. Brinker.

•Rube M. Koesters to Jodi M. and Brian M. Koesters.

•Scott M. Vogt to Jennifer I. and Andrew M. Vogt.

•Sean L. Bohde III to Michelle D. Jimenez and Sean L. Bohde II.

•Serenity G. Williams to Evelyn J. Smith and Marquis L. Williams.

•Sherlyn Z. Saldana to Dulce A. Aguilar and Mario Saldana.

•Su Hei D. Be to Nwe Nwe and Ha Tin.

•Suleymi M. Oliva to Adela Oliva and Jorge A. Aluizures.

•Ta'lyiah I. Walker to Savannah I. Johnson Walker.

•Taylee A. McKinney to Kortney A. and Terrance S. McKinney.

•Thatcher J. Vasquez to Jennifer A. and Eli F. Vasquez.

•Thomas Lapsley V to Pamela K. and Thomas Lapsley IV.

•Timothy R. Swift III to Takela L. Ray and Timothy R. Swift Jr.

•Trax M. Wolff to Britni M. and Zachary M. Wolff.

•Trevor L. Beaty to Susan M. Hall and Neil L. Beaty.

•Tyler J. Knepper to Loretta N. Kelty and Tyler A. Moser.

•Uriel S. Flores to Evelyn M. Flores Rivera and Allan J. Villatoro Sanchez.

•Victor M. Perez to Maria G. Nunez Guzman and Dennis E. Perez.

•Victoria L. Steward to Kayacee J. Steward and Zachuary J. Dunham.

•Walter M. Majewski to Jaime L. and Gregory A. Majewski.

•Willow M. Croft to Jessica A. Ferguson and Joseph R. Croft.

•Yaeger A. Williams to Lisa M. Hagedorn and Char-Michael D. Williams Jr.

•Yahya J. Kara to Alia H. Natafgi and Firas Kara.

•Yazariah A. Starks to Jhaedyn A. Starks.

•Zaletta B. Jones to Dusti D. and Aaron T. Jones.

•Zeal H. Bryant to Rachel E. and Ezekiel C. Bryant.

•Zhoe L. O'Hern to Elaine M. Allen and William P. O'Hern.

•Zoe J. Omo to Jennifer L. and Bryan J. Omo.