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Area births, through Aug. 25

Wednesday, August 28, 2013 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 25. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Roman C. Carroll to Shelby L. Lortie and Cyler W. Carroll.


•Asher S. Pawloski to Trisha L. and Buddy C. Pawloski.

•Xander M. Prater to Rebecca A. Sutton and Aaron M. Prater.


•Cody N. Kroemer to Angela L. and Nicholas W. Kroemer.

•Jacob C. Snowball to Samantha S. and Kevin C. Snowball.


•Finley H. Snider to Brooke D. and Brad L. Snider.

•Koen R. Rodenbeck to Megan L. and Nolan L. Rodenbeck.


•Brant S. Bridge to Brelle J. and Brandon L. Bridge.

•Lucy G. Klotz to Megan K. Cooper and Brent A. Klotz.

Columbia City

•Brooklyn P. Stump to Laura B. and Justin J. Stump.

•David A. Soards to Lindsay N. and Ian C. Soards.

•Harmony E. Robinson to Jennifer N. and Justin M. Robinson.

•Kinley H. Eames to Janica S. and Kevin D. Eames.


•CC A. Knox to Jo D. and Tyler W. Knox.


•Brianna L. Hogue to Erika L. Shaw and Matthew R. Hogue.

•Charles S. Omlor to Sarah A. and Charles P. Omlor.

•Colson R. Houk to Erin R. and Matthew B. Houk.

•Greyson A. Jordan to Stefanie A. Knote and Brian A. Jordan.

•Kaileigh E. Coats to Christina E. and David A. Coats.

•Miles J. Johnson to Amanda J. and Joseph M. Johnson III.

•Mya R. Morgan to Katherine M. and Jason D. Morgan.

•Noah Z. Douglas to Jordan N. Chaney and Zackary A. Douglas.


•Lilah M. Hicks to Lindsey R. and Brad W. Hicks.


•Aiden J. Cutler to Sarah R. and Aaron M. Cutler.


•Leah G. Eicher to Leah H. and Daniel D. Eicher.


•Hannah R. Adamson to Susan K. and Joseph W. Adamson.


•Autumn N. Meade to Ashley A. and Michael M. Meade.

•Harper L. Pierce to Kathryn S. and Jason D. Pierce.

•Larose E. Kauffman to Irene R. and Mervin A. Kauffman.

•Malissa K. Brandenberger to Malinda M. and Loren J. Brandenberger.

•Ruby L. Osborne to Kadie M. Osborne.


•Samuel F. Krey to Amanda C. and Frederick N. Krey.


•Brielle M. Parrett to Tonya R. and Tucker W. Parrett.

•Nolan K. Smart to Angela N. and Kraig S. Smart.


•Alivia E. Myers to Misti M. and Hugh L. Myers.

•Gage L. Tracy to Hazel L. and Travis W. Tracy.

•Kasyian S. Maurer to Tanya L. and Lee C. Maurer.

•Rilynn M. Everage to Andrea M. and Ryan E. Everage.

•Savannah B. Wickey to Alesha A. and James T. Wickey.


•Grady R. Lehner to Megan M. and Heath D. Lehner.


•Dylan M. Hughes to Amanda J. and Johnathon C. Hughes.

•Maeve A. McDaniel to Angela D. and Troy L. McDaniel.


•Ellis J. Knipper to Amanda L. and Jared J. Knipper.

•Juliette N. Ball to Rhoda D. and Jeremiah L. Ball.


•Zadie R. Johnson to Devyn R. and Matthew A. Johnson.


•Cadence N. Roy to Jennifer R. and Daniel J. Roy.

•Edward D. Buuck to Megan M. and Jason A. Buuck.

•Lincoln D. Aspy to Stacey M. Ottenweller and Abram D. Aspy.

•Zander B. Foltz to Amy M. and Steven J. Foltz.

New Haven

•Connor T. Isenbarger to Emma R. and Christopher L. Isenbarger.

•Grace E. Beck to Megan L. Beck.

•Jubron J. Childs to Monique L. Childs and Julius D. Smith.

•Keegan M. Williams to Lydia R. Carter and Kyle M. Williams.

•Scarlet R. Kuhn to Michelle L. and Shane L. Kuhn.


•Carter J. Bradburn to Samantha F. and Johnathan O. Bradburn.

•Samantha A. Mast to Christina A. and Luke R. Mast.


•Paul R. Crull to Kristin M. and Marvin P. Crull Jr.


•Gracie L. Debaillie to Shelby C. Jarrell and Riley A. Debaillie.

St. Joe

•Kyna R. Miller to Renell K. and Bryan P. Miller.

Silver Lake

•Leo T. Brovont to Nell L. and Thomas D. Brovont.

South Whitley

•Lilley A. Moyer to Christy M. Green and Tristan J. Moyer.

•Natalie H. Gonzalez to Jamie N. and Joshua D. Gonzalez.


•Aubrie A. Freimuth to Chelsie K. Howe and Robert J. Freimuth IV.

•Graham M. Hockemeyer to Jennifer R. and Todd M. Hockemeyer.

•Lillianna M. Graber to Annetta K. and John D. Graber.


•Kenidee N. Hubbard to Ashley N. Hubbard.

•Laina C. Dyson to Melanie A. and Michael J. Dyson.


•Anson C. Shuler to Jennie A. and Johnn W. Shuler.

•Carter J. Blinn to Lindsey R. and Adam J. Blinn.


•Kae-Jay Vuittonet to Cara G. and Keith J. Vuittonet.

•Maddox W. Polston to Krista D. and Nathan W. Polston.

•Myles A. Sensibaugh to Haley C. Sensibaugh.


•Lane T. Duty to Casey L. and John T. Duty.


•Avary D. Masel to Brittany D. Jones and Justin S. Masel.

•Lynette M. Graber to Nancy J. and Benjamin Graber Jr.


•Brendan R. Chandler and Nathan A. Chandler to Casandra M. Stoneburner and Jason A. Chandler.