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Letter to the editor: Muddy Trail Run to benefit kids programs

Friday, August 30, 2013 - 12:01 am

Raising kids is a tough job, as Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine are surely beginning to learn. While my wife and I aren’t royalty, as new parents we were as inexperienced as every other mom and dad we knew. I suspect that William and Kate are feeling that same way.

I remember the words of encouragement my wife and I received from other parents. We listened to the suggestions that were so generously offered, and we adapted many of the ideas to fit our family. We also depended on other adults within the community who could make a positive lasting impact on our son’s life.

For example, his teachers challenged him at every grade level. They encouraged him as he learned a new skill and struggled through that extra credit assignment.

Other community leaders are influential in kids’ lives, too. Boy Scout and Girl Scout leaders, for example, serve as positive role models to many young people in our community. Other adults volunteer to work with kids through Junior Achievement programs, 4-H clubs and YMCA activities, to name only a few.

As a parent and active community member I am grateful for the youth-serving organizations that make positive futures possible. I am also proud of the ways the organizations are working together to make the best use of the available resources.

I’m a member of the Junior Achievement board of directors, and I know how hard it is to raise the funds that keep youth-serving organizations operating in our community. I also know that by working together, our non-profit organizations can be even stronger.

That’s why I am proud to chair the upcoming Parkview Muddy Trail Run, a collaborative fund-raiser benefiting Junior Achievement and Boy Scouts of America programs in our community. We are hosting this fun mud run at the premier camp facility operated by the Boy Scouts, and participants from across the region are registering for the fun.

It’s exciting to work with Junior Achievement and Boy Scouts on this event, especially because it will provide the money these organizations need to help kids prepare for lifelong personal and economic success. I encourage future partnerships like this. And I encourage my fellow community members to join the fun and support the other youth organizations you believe in.

Visit for more information about the Sept. 7 event.

Jeff Bell