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What's up with Syria? Well, wait a minute

Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 12:01 am

We’re going to bomb Syria, and this is when it will happen and where.

Well, wait a minute, maybe we’re not.

There is a red line called chemical weapons, and if Syria crosses it, there will be consequences!

Syria has crossed the red line.

Well, wait a minute.

We’re going to have a “coalition of willing allies,” but it’s mostly just Britain and France and Germany.

Well, wait a minute. Germany says no, and the British Parliament has just opted out, giving a prime minister the first loss on a war vote since 1782.

Is there a strategic purpose in bombing Syria, or are we just going to tweak the nose of a bully then run away giggling? Guess we showed you!

Well, wait a minute.

Do the American people know why we’re doing this?

Don’t need to talk to them.

Does Congress approve?

Don’t need to talk to them.

How about the United Nations?

We’ll go it alone.

Ah, well. Remember the good old days, when that cowboy George W. Bush went to war with a mere 40-some allies after getting the go-ahead from Congress and explaining everything so well to the American public that a majority of them approved of the war?