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In his words: Notre Dame coach Chuck Martin talks on Irish offense

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Saturday, August 31, 2013 - 1:07 am

SOUTH BEND - Notre Dame offensive coordinator Chuck Martin spoke with the media recently regarding the Fighting Irish offense for 2013.

On Tommy Rees coming into games last year:

"It is incredible. It is a testament to his upbringing and who he is as a person. I think what really got him through it more than anything is that he has always loved Notre Dame and he loves his teammates.

"As you know we have a very tight knit team and a lot of similar types of people get attracted to Notre Dame, so it makes senses. What kept him going strong through the tough times was seeing Zack Martin, Tyler Eifert or anyone else, was that he was never going to quit on those guys. So regardless what was going through his head during a moment or day when heard something in the dorm, something he read, or anything yelled from the stands he just looked at his teammates and fight for them until the end.

"What the fans typically forget is that when he entered the game (at home vs. Purdue) that they booed him. It is tough to lead a two-minute drive when you are getting booed off of the field.

"Even how he (Rees) handled it last year, with his relationship with Everett (Golson). By proving to Everett that he was there to help him even though he was battling for the same job. This helped bring along Everett and they had a great relationship still. Tommy was really a back-up quarterback, assistant coach, and really made everything go."

On using offensive weapons:

"The challenge is figuring out what you are trying to do based on the weekend and on who is good at certain things. You would rather have three Michael Floyd's in, where maybe you don't have as much depth or balance. There is a coaching saying that when everyone looks the same you have a lot of depth, but when you have a Michael Floyd you ask why you don't have another player like him. So, it is good and bad.

"We like to play a lot of guys. Coach Kelly likes to play a lot of guys because he knows it is a long season and players develop roles on the football team. Danny Smith is a good example where he found his niche as a blocking wide out. Our highlight tape of Danny Smith is of him in all the huge plays in Norman (Oklahoma) and at USC."