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In his words: Indiana cornerback Tim Bennett talks about Navy

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Not getting off blocks a problem

Sunday, September 8, 2013 - 12:01 am

BLOOMINGTON – Indiana cornerback Tim Bennett addressed the challenge of playing Navy's triple option rushing attack during Saturday night's 41-35 loss at Memorial Stadium.

Navy rushed for 444 yards on 70 carries, a 6.3-yard average.

Why was Navy's running game so hard to stop?

The offense was tough to face. They're a good team. They're sound in what they do. They're very disciplined in what they do. We had to come out in the first quarter very hot. We had to start hot. We didn't do that.”

On Navy's physical play and effective cut blocking

“We practiced the cut blocks. Our scout team did a great job imitating their offense. We had to come out hot and get off blocks. That's the bottom line.”

How frustrated was the defense as Navy kept running well?

“If they get 2.5 yards a carry, they think that's successful. If we eliminated that early, we would have had a great shot to win.”

Did you think IU had Navy stopped on its last 4th down play?

“It was very intense. We just didn't come up with it. We were confident in our offense if they could have gotten the ball.

"We went into halftime and thought, we had this. Basically, we just didn't get off blocks.”