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Saturday August 29, 2015
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Letters to the Editor: Parkview Randallia first class but needs handicapped restroom

Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 12:01 am

I recently required the services of Parkview Hospital on Randallia Drive due to a severe fall. I was quite overwhelmed with all the courtesy, friendliness and assistance from the girls doing the valet service to the receptionist, X-ray and CT-scan technicians and everyone concerned. I especially was pleased with Jim, who X-rayed me. He especially was so compassionate.

I had three trips to the hospital, so was in front of the hospital and also in the emergency section, and everyone treated me first class. My family members who were assisting me felt the same way as I did about all the great treatment and help I received.

However, one thing I was quite shocked over was the fact that the restroom on the first floor was not handicapped accessible, and since I was on a walker, I needed assistance. I had to stand there till my daughter was able to come to help me. When I inquired about his I was told there was one down the hall. However, in a hospital everyone needs to be handicapped accessible.

Since Parkview is in the process of doing an extensive remodeling, this would be the ideal time to install automatic doors on this first-floor restroom. And by the way, we in the Parkview neighborhood are so happy that Parkview is staying in our neighborhood. I am a member of the North Side Neighborhood Association, and we tried to make a real effort to ask Parkview to remain and are delighted that they are and also remodeling to become more efficient. We have supported the hospital for years, and now that we are aging we need the services more than ever. Thus, we are so happy that this will be available for us.

So, thank you for your wonderful service, but please try to remodel this first-floor restroom for the handicapped. It is terribly inconvenient for wheelchair patients, people on walkers and canes. After finding out firsthand, I can truly sympathize with these residents.

Lillian C. Embick