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Area births, through Sept. 8

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 12:44 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Sept. 8. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Sophee M. Lemish to Ashlee M. and Alex R. Lemish.


•Daniel A. Castrejon to Maria E. Carrillo-Camacho and Abraham Castrejon.

•Isaac Carmona to Josefina Padilla and Noel Carmona.

•Marley M. Steury to Pleasant S. Huq and Bradley K. Steury.


•David R. Ponce-Ramos to Melayda E. Ramos Castro and Ramon A. Ponce Sanches.

•Eli Z. Conroy to Nicole A. Hartman and Zachary T. Conroy.

•Jenson P. Townsend to Michelle M. and Demetrius Townsend.

•Kameryn R. Grimm to Allyson J. and Jacob M. Grimm.

•Kellen G. Stupeck to Leah M. and Grant T. Stupeck.

•Sophia E. Bailey to Amy L. and James R. Bailey.


•Kali A. Hawver to Kara L. and Kurtis R. Hawver.

•Layla A. Kugler to Elizabeth E. and Adam J. Kugler.

•Riven M. Phillips to Vanessa R. Bonkoski and Richard M. Phillips.


•Zane G. Fickert to Leslie A. and Justin C. Fickert.


•Ava L. Johnson to Alicia P. and Shannon E. Johnson.

Columbia City

•Dylan J. Shidler to Latesa S. and Cory L. Shidler.

•Garrett F. Goodin to Kimberly A. and Bradley A. Goodin.

•Henry C. Springer to Lyndsey R. and Charles E. Springer.

•Kyla J. Godlove to Jessica L. and Michael P. Godlove.

•Maggie E. Sandkuhler to Nicole S. and Timothy A. Sandkuhler.

•Sadie A. Greve to Kendra A. and Shea C. Greve.


•Ian T. Walker to Elizabeth S. and Gerric D. Walker.

•Lila M. Brazel to Kayla N. Yates and Brad A. Brazel.


•Brynlee J. Colter to Alyssa A. Keipper and Benjamin J. Colter II.

•Cole S. Heckman to Brittney A. and Anthony W. Heckman.

•Temperance J. Shifferly to Emily R. and Mitchell D. Shifferly.

Etna Green

•Chazelynn A. Menchaca to Angeleigha G. and Jesus O. Menchaca.


•Jacob H. Chamberlin to Ellen G. and Marc E. Chamberlin.


•Jason J. Lengacher to Susann C. and John E. Lengacher Jr.

•Taylor R. Estep to Alyssa A. Frank and Andrew R. Estep.


•Cody J. Perry to Becky L. Davis and Shane L. Perry.


•Brantley A. Holley to Judy C. and Michael A. Holley.

•Cohen T. Smith to Jenna R. and Marcus T. Smith.

•Nya G. Miller to Dinah and Bret D. Miller.


•Carter D. Whitcher to Meriah D. Whitcher.


•Jameson E. Kohne to Lindsey R. and Kyle J. Kohne.

•Judah E. James to Kristin R. Brady and Nathaniel E. James.


•Abigail J. Adams to Jessica A. and Ryan H. Adams.

•Abram J. Butts to Elizabeth R. and Justin F. Butts.

•Christian D. Stout to Sherri M. and Garth D. Stout.

•Elliana A. Mitchell to Lea L. and Matthew W. Mitchell.

•Jayla M. Shuttleworth and Maddox L. Shuttleworth to Carissa A. and Benjamin M. Shuttleworth.

•Lucas A. Plasterer to Julia A. and Anthony J. Plasterer.

•Malachi W. Maranville to Cassandra R. and Adam L. Maranville.

•Mateo C. Campos to Brisa B. Campos Campos.


•Aaralynn B. Willison to Summer B. Hankins and John M. Willison.

•Ali A. Al-Madol to Saba A. Shammam and Ammar A. Al-Madol.

•Delaney M. Carpenter to Ann M. and Christopher M. Carpenter.

•Emmalinn R. Bond to Jennifer M. and Shay D. Bond.


•Carter J. Thompson to Andrea L. and Dan M. Thompson.

•Summer N. Coleman to Selena T. Coleman.


•Felyx R. Eguia to Brittany M. Eguia.


•Waylin C. Harting to Halie R. Spieth and Colin C. Harting.


•Blake J. Schmitt to Chasity M. and Christopher J. Schmitt.

New Haven

•Aria G. Peters to Cyan A. and Roger A. Peters.

•Asher L. Brooks to Kimberley R. and Andrew D. Brooks.

•Jaden A. Brenton to Nichole I. Dumato and Patrick W. Brenton.

•Javyn J. Rancefer-Hieber to Mariah K. Hieber and Shaquille J. Rancefer.

•Kathleen K. Graber to Emma L. and Benjamin D. Graber.

•William R. Duncan III to Karrie A. and William R. Duncan Jr.

North Manchester

•Kaylyn M. Wise to Melinda K. and Jacob E. Wise.


•Beckett R. Gerber to Brittany N. and Landon R. Gerber.

•Hattie K. Miller to Jennifer L. and Titus A. Miller.

•Heath R. Baker to Angel R. and Kyle P. Baker.

•Jackson B. Piotrowski to Tia J. and Bert Michael J. Piotrowski.

•Owen B. Keller to Courtney A. and Nathan D. Keller.


•Maya R. Campbell to Ashley N. Adams and Hugh M. Campbell.


•Caleb A. Grable to Jillian M. and Anthony D. Grable.

•Zander H. Connell to Mary F. and Derek S. Connell.

South Whitley

•Menno E. Schwartz to Wilma E. and Dennis W. Schwartz.


•Jesse J. Eicher to Verna M. and Ernie W. Eicher.

•Suetta K. Eicher to Barbara A. and Menno J. Eicher.


•Liam J. Savant to Amy M. Dillon and Toran L. Savant.


•Jagger M. Yentes to Trisha L. Conley and Michael J. Yentes.


•Kalia K. Richardson to Ashley D. Richardson.


•Gray J. Schoof to Misty A. and Jericho J. Schoof.

•Jaidyn D. Tolliver and Jamir D. Tolliver to Natarsha N. Sharkey and Tony D. Tolliver Jr.

•Liam J. Crawford to Karla V. and Ezequiel A. Crawford.


•Cruz J. Brown to Chelsea M. and Austin J. Brown.


•Brylee L. Nelson to Breanna L. Nelson.

•Stella G. Rorick to Stephanie M. and Jared J. Rorick.


•Jaleahl Q. Hogue to Porsha R. Hogue.

•Kaeli R. Hoagland to Kristi M. and Chad J. Hoagland.