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Fort Wayne Children's Zoo's birds of prey are an interesting group

Friday, September 13, 2013 - 12:09 pm

Sept. 12, 2013

Beautiful Birds of Prey

Some of our most fascinating birds are a diverse group of feathered predators known as "birds of prey." Owls, vultures and hawks are part of this group.

These birds share some key features: sharp talons; a strong, hooked beak; and excellent eyesight. Some, like owls, can capture a mouse in complete darkness. Vultures can smell a dead animal from up to a mile away!

As top predators in their ecosystems, birds of prey face unique conservation challenges. The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo supports the conservation efforts of the Peregrine Fund in Tanzania as they work to protect these amazing animals.

Can you name all six bird of prey species exhibited at the zoo?

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Work at the Zoo!

Looking for a unique job opportunity?

The zoo is hiring for several positions, including Event Coordinator, Zoo Keeper, and Commissary Technician.

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Golf for a good cause

Tee up to support the zoo at the 12th annual Drive You Wild Golf Outing on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at Autumn Ridge Golf Course.

You'll enjoy "wild" activities on every hole, plus great food and giveaways. Plus, you'll be supporting your non-profit zoo.

Register online at or contact Kelly at 427-6836 or by e-mail at

Cheryl Piropato is education and communications director for the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.