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Top tweets from Week 5 of prep football

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Saturday, September 21, 2013 - 10:37 am

Social media was buzzing again Friday night during area high school football games with the Twitter hashtag #nsfootball. Check out the top tweets from game-night and Week 4 of the season that included the #nsfootball hashtag.

#nsfootball is The News-Sentinel's official Twitter hashtag for the high school football season.

Fans and readers are encouraged to use the #nsfootball hashtag throughout this season when tweeting about high school football.

@judgephil1: Take that Ohio. #dwengerpride #hoosierpride #nsfootball

@jsully260: @ThePig_ns Charger meltdown in Kendallville #nsfootball

@bryansharp2: Leo over South Adams 35-12. Lions gear up for Heritage

next week. #nsfootball

@bradobc: Not even the rain can stop the New Haven Offense. #nsfootball

@jorfer88: Admit it. When South Side is on, it is on. #nsfootball

@andymcbaseball: Busco pork burgers > Angola pork burgers #nsfootball

@callmeatonoffun: It Seems Like The Hype Behind Northrop Football Team

Making A Turn Around For The Better , Seems To Be Falling Apart .


@fortwayneranter: If you don't put this in the paper @ThePig_ns I'm

going to wave a skunk in your face!!! #nsfootball