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Letter to the editor: Time for government to live like the rest of us

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 12:01 am

If our country and state are in as bad a financial shape as the media leads us to believe and the government keeps wanting to reduce support of programs such as food stamps, health care and help with housing for low-income families and individuals, its time for a change.

Not the programs for low-income persons, but to the total waste that goes on in government.

Maybe it’s time for government to cut their own wages and live like the rest of the people. For it is the people who pay their extreme wages.

Many people who work for much smaller wages have had to take pay cuts, loss of benefits or even their jobs. Do the politicians care? No. It’s not them that are having to give up a lot.

An example, though shot down, was moving a statue to the tune of $300,000 so people could drive by and see it, instead of getting out of their cars and taking a short walk (which most of us could use).

We can’t even keep our streets in decent repair, so how can they really justify such a waste of money? It’s not the government’s money being wasted, but the hard-working, low-paid public.

Give up some of your wealth and live like most Americans, then go back to justify the waste on your minds.

Michael J. Placek

June Koch