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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Letter to the editor: The fiction of self-government

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013 12:01 am
Money is supposed to make our lives easier by making trade easier, less time-consuming so we have more time to relax and pursue other interests, such as expanding our knowledge about the world. Instead, it has made thieving easier, enabling the unethical to rip us off, and force the majority to work for less and thieves to hoard wealth.Moses declared usury a sin not to be used against fellow Jews, but to be reserved as a weapon against Israel’s enemies to defeat them and take their land. The Catholic church also held usury to be a mortal sin, but whittled it down over time. Now it is a weapon of economic warfare, dropping the term “usury” replaced with “interest” to be paid on your remaining debt.

Conspirators met secretly on Jeckle Island, plotting to establish a privately owned bank, today known as the Federal Reserve. Their legislation was defeated by President Taft. Hence, the conspirators funded the campaigns of two candidates to defeat Taft’s reelection. Through triangulation they managed to drain off enough votes to deny Taft’s reelection. Then they resubmitted the same legislation to establish the Federal Reserve, which is privately owned and not at all federally owned.

Now our government borrows money from the Federal Reserve and pays usury (interest) on the unpaid debt, enriching those who own the bank, giving them a profitable reason to manipulate the government to ever-increasing government debt.

It takes no genius to see the owners of the Federal Reserve are ripping us off to conquer us through “usury” to rule over us while they remain hidden behind the throne. Our so-called government official in all three branches and the states as well are just puppets changed ever so often to ward off rebellion, while those who really rule remain unknown, free from rebellion. Our self-government is little more than fiction.

Richard D. Sloan


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