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Thursday August 27, 2015
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Cheap Shots: Gov't shutdown saves 49ers' 'W'

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Peyton vs. Jaguars might not be for impressionable viewers

Tuesday, October 8, 2013 - 5:35 am

San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner will have to wait to change his last name to Hitner because of the federal government shutdown. It's disheartening to think we live in a country where elected officials' actions can cause such long-term collateral damage.

Start the second-half running clock

The Denver Broncos opened as 28-point favorites over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jaguars fans reacted with utter disbelief. They know their team and they know they're more than capable of losing by 35.

Chess club alumni report

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price apologized if he offended anyone by calling TBS commentators and other media members “nerds” in a tweet. Price should know by now the proper term is “coordination-challenged.”

Tyson time?

USA Boxing accused Mike Tyson of trying to “poach” boxers from the amateur ranks in Tyson's new role as a boxing promoter. That's sad. It makes me long for the good old days of altruistic promoters like Don King.

Well-paid lesson

Josh Freeman has signed a $3 million deal with the Minnesota Vikings a week after being released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs will continue paying him, too. I guess Greg Schiano really taught him a lesson, didn't he?

Cubs fire manager, sun rises in east

The Chicago Cubs fired manager Dale Sveum after finishing last in the National League Central. That's odd. Usually managers are rewarded when they meet fan expectations.

The Cubs are pursuing Yankees manager Joe Girardi, trying to sell him on the benefits of guaranteed October vacation time. (A record 10th time I've used this punchline. Never gets old.)

Quick release

The Philadelphia Flyers have fired head coach Peter Laviolette after their 0-3 start. That's shocking news. The NHL can start a season without a lockout?

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