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Saturday December 27, 2014
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Fort Wayne births, through Oct. 6

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 8:07 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 6.

Fort Wayne

•Aaliyah R. Hammad to Stephanie R. and Sameer A. Hammad.

•Abram D. Knoth to Nicole C. and David A. Knoth.

•Adalynn R. Gerber to Sarah E. and Jason E. Gerber.

•Adam R. Rondot to Emily K. and Anthony C. Rondot.

•Aiden J. McCann to Kimberly S. Carpenter and Joseph S. McCann.

•Ainsley J. Linn to Ashley N. and Daniel W. Linn.

•Aldin Catic to Sanda and Hajrudin Catic.

•Alexandra N. Munoz Sanchez to Nancy R. Sanchez Perez and Felix Munoz Ceballos.

•Alexis R. Malott to Michelle K. Malott.

•Allison I. Caylor to Heather A. Purvis and James V. Caylor.

•Alyvia E. Garcia to Stephanie N. and Numan H. Garcia.

•Ameen M. Wegman to Kristina M. Wegman.

•Amelia D. Gagnon to Janel D. and Paul T. Gagnon.

•Amelia J. Krantz to Stacey L. and Gary D. Krantz.

•Amelia J. Szklarz to Holly R. and Joseph C. Szklarz.

•Andrew E. Hoekstra to Elia L. and Jonathan E. Hoekstra.

•Avianna M. Pressley to Leslie M. and Ryan K. Pressley.

•Bailey M. Folkerts to Kristin M. and Spencer A. Folkerts.

•Beau S. Miller to Beth A. and David H. Miller.

•Benjamin D. Neal to Amber J. and Joshua C. Neal.

•Benjamin L. Boggs to Debra A. and Steven P. Boggs.

•Benjamin M. Schroeder to Meghan E. Hogan and Joseph S. Schroeder.

•Brayland M. Richardson to Nicole F. and Kyle M. Richardson.

•Brayson M. Beard to Lourdes E. and Jason M. Beard.

•Brielle M. Hapner to Rya L. and Landon D. Hapner.

•Broderick C. Karr to Allison L. and Eric M. Karr.

•Bruce M. Oakley to Shelby L. Oakley and Jesse J. Lovins.

•Brynly L. Kochert to Diana M. and John M. Kochert.

•Cameron E. Koepke to Amy T. and Daniel J. Koepke.

•Caya N. Wolford to Crystal N. and James J. Wolford.

•Cayci L. Kilgore to Cheri L. and Craig A. Kilgore.

•Chaise M. Harris to Susan M. Brown and Michael L. Harris.

•Chandler H. Brown to Ashley M. and Justin D. Brown.

•Channing J. Hedrick to Brittany R. Hedrick.

•Chase R. Haak to Samantha C. Reed and Michael L. Haak.

•Christian J. Tadeo-Mora to Christina L. Mora and Jesus T. Marin.

•Christian J. Vazquez to Caprisha I. Bonner and Michael Vazquez.

•Christion D. Terrell to Melba L. Coker and Asa D. Terrell.

•Claire A. Distelrath to Mary C. and Chad M. Distelrath.

•Clinton M. Knight to Amy C. Morgan and Clinton L. Gillespie.

•Colton B. Ward to Sarah and Daniel L. Ward.

•Connor A. Bearman to Michelle A. and Kent A. Bearman.

•Corbin A. Halsema to Hillary S. and Zachary T. Halsema.

•Cruz Ramon to Sara A. and Cristobal Ramon.

•Dahlya R. Tipsord to Heather M. Bower and Justin L. Tipsord.

•Daisy L. Edwards to Carrie L. and Peter J. Edwards.

•David M. Gonzalez to Lesslie A. Gonzalez and David Mondragon.

•Delilah Quinn C. Nichter to Emily C. and Lonny A. Nichter.

•Dempsey N. Karns to Kayla N. and Joshua A. Karns.

•Dominic A. Serna to Xitlaly I. Salazar-Serna and Rogelio Serna Rodriguez.

•Elan M. Dean to Kari A. Bragg and Caleb M. Dean.

•Eli M. Carr to Erin M. and Gregory J. Carr.

•Eliana F. Taylor to Lacey M. and Michael A. Taylor.

•Elias J. Young to Candace B. and Willie J. Young Jr.

•Elijah A. Pittman to Martha L. Phinezy and Kevin L. Pittman II.

•Elijah R. Fleming to Bethany J. Fleming.

•Ellie M. Price to Krista N. and Jay M. Price.

•Emery M. Rasor to Stacey L. and Christopher M. Rasor.

•Emma Martinez to Melissa S. and Alfredo Martinez Jr.

•Emma N. Legault to Rachel R. and Olivier J. Legault.

•Essence M. Harris to Barbara J. Rodriguez and Christopher G. Harris Sr.

•Evelyn B. Arnold to Lindsey M. and Timothy G. Arnold.

•Fletcher J. Hesse to Lori B. and Daniel J. Hesse.

•Gabriel A. Kinnie to Porsche J. and Timothy D. Kinnie Jr.

•Gracie J. Clayton to April J. and David R. Clayton.

•Gregory A. Pflueger to Laura M. and Paul D. Pflueger.

•Halle E. Parker to Elizabeth A. and Michael S. Parker.

•Hannah E. Koerner to Jennifer N. and Matthew C. Koerner.

•Harmony S. Ruffin to Kiosha L. Ruffin.

•Hope Lam to Xue Y. Chen and Wing Y. Lam.

•Htun L. Aung to Mak Yein and Maung Min.

•Hunter W. Bada to Ayasmimea N. and Reece A. Bada.

•Indiana F. Sefton to Kelli A. and Luke T. Sefton.

•Isabella M. Schaefer to Amy D. and Mic D. Schaefer.

•Isaiah R. Smith Jr. to Ikea L. and Isaiah R. Smith.

•Izabella R. Clutter to Jessica M. and Matthew J. Clutter.

•Ja'da L. Broadnax to Jasmine T. Broadnax.

•Ja'kai J. McDonald to Kiesha S. McDonald.

•Jack I. Landrigan to Margaret A. and Mark C. Landrigan.

•Jaelynn R. Stalling to Melanie L. Stalling.

•Jah'mylaa D. Wade-Mathis to O'Knesha J. Wade and Jarmarcus D. Mathis.

•Jaide I. Humphrey to Dannika L. Brown and Bryce A. Humphrey.

•Jaiyana L. Link to Katara R. Link.

•James C. Bodecker to Jennifer D. and Scott W. Bodecker.

•James X. Stephens to Keyondra D. Harris and Nickcolis D. Stephens.

•Jaxson D. Blunt to Myka N. Blunt.

•Jerrica J. Cassias to Melissa J. and Gabriel X. Cassias.

•Jessi N. Camacho to Cielo Paniagua Villanueva and Salvador Camacho Hernandez.

•Jordanna M. Star to Jamie A. Star-Kinzie and Eric C. Kinzie.

•Josiah J. Robinson to Daqwanna S. and Tikoyo U. Robinson.

•Josie B. Stover to Erica L. and Bryan J. Stover.

•Judah J. Davis to Megan N. and Jedediah M. Davis.

•Julissa M. Guzman to Judith A. and Rigoberto Guzman.

•K'dince T. James to Candace M. James.

•Kaida B. Erhardt to Destiny K. and Chad A. Erhardt.

•Kaliyah L. Raichart to Valerie L. Raichart.

•Kamden T. Williams to Kyrea S. Dean and Khristopher L. Williams.

•Kayden I. Booker to Shellby N. and Jakquel L. Booker.

•Kaylee M. Bowers to Nicole M. and Dustin J. Bowers.

•Keirrah J. Roark to Jessica A. and Rex Roark Jr.

•Kennedy E. Bostic to Edna C. and Kameron T. Bostic.

•Kennedy L. Byers to Lindsay M. and Timothy J. Byers.

•Kevin D. Morris-Bey Jr. to Nicole R. Gooden and Kevin D. Morris-Bey Sr.

•Kirk A. Gary II to Kametricia C. Manning and Kirk A. Gary.

•Kooper A. Doust to Lacey L. Richards and Brian J. Doust.

•Kyla H. Adair to Stephanie M. and Beau J. Adair.

•Laila E. Lopez to Eyerusalem Getachew and Gilberto R. Lopez.

•Layla K. Woods to Brittany M. Aguirre and Shawn C. Woods.

•Layney M. Kochert to Diana M. and John M. Kochert.

•Lila J. Clayton to Amanda L. and Joseph S. Clayton.

•Logan A. Luevano-Soto to Ma Concepcion Soto and Cutberto Luevano.

•Logan G. Lunceford to Melissa G. and David O. Lunceford.

•Logan M. Capps to Emily Coughlin and Gerrod M. Capps.

•Lucas A. Montoya to Mary E. and James P. Montoya.

•Lucas T. Lightner to Candace J. and Jonathan T. Lightner.

•Luke C. Sprunger to Holly N. Cook and Jacoby G. Sprunger.

•Luke R. Wilkinson to Katelyn M. Tempel and Robert D. Wilkinson.

•Lyla P. Rischling to Kari L. and Jason M. Rischling.

•Mackenzie M. Garrett to Eileen Garrett.

•Malik Rizvic to Arabela Latic and Jasmin Rizvic.

•Maliyah M. McKale to Jelima M. Dennis and Michael A. McKale.

•Mang E. Cing to Vung H. Cing and Thang D. Piang.

•Mar Z. Ya to Toy H. Dar and Mat R. Phe.

•Mariah L. Talley to Atoya K. Armstrong and Dameon R. Talley.

•Mariah R. Osborne to Hilary N. Bacon and Jeffery M. Osborne.

•Mckayla D. Keita to Kia C. Relue and Patrick B. Keita.

•Mckinlee L. Perkins to Darci R. Powell and Joshua L. Perkins.

•Medina Be to No Zi Ma and Ja Ma Din.

•Merrick T. Carvalho to Kimberly N. and Ricardo J. Vaz De Carvalho.

•Mia C. Chapin to Junke Chen and Brian M. Chapin.

•Micah D. Schultz to Amy J. and Joshua M. Schultz.

•Michael J. Stackhouse to Dorann G. Richards and Steven A. Stackhouse.

•Mitchell K. Hockaday to Melinda A. and Michael K. Hockaday.

•Miyonna A. Phipps to Kazzlaria A. Phipps.

•Mollie K. Abbott to Jennifer E. and Brien J. Abbott.

•Myles A. Braun to Myka C. Fernandez and Austin M. Braun.

•Nalee Clauss Jr. to Christina M. Sanchez and Nalee Clauss Sr.

•Natalia M. Hughes to Sharon A. Marroquin and Christopher R. Hughes.

•Ninel Villa to Mercedes Garcia Barragan and Jesus Villa Mesa.

•Oliver A. Pelz to Candice J. and Christopher E. Pelz.

•Olivia M. Federspiel to Chelsea L. and Jordan M. Federspiel.

•Penelopi G. Walker to Taylor R. Clay and Derrick T. Walker Jr.

•Reid M. Jordan to Krystal A. and Matthew W. Jordan.

•Rhylee R. Neuenschwander to Kearstin R. and Dustin L. Neuenschwander.

•Robert S. Jones Jr. to Kyris L. Jones.

•Roman R. Guzman to Tori L. McMillen and Cesar R. Guzman.

•Rosalia L. Alvarez-Mendoza to Tierra L. and Luis A. Alvarez-Mendoza.

•Ryder P. Geier to Ashely M. Brown and Joseph R. Geier.

•Rymedi Y. Choice to Loreisha D. and Larry S. Choice.

•Samuel L. Harmeyer to Emily K. and Grant N. Harmeyer.

•Savannah M. Raman to Amy S. Raman.

•Savannah M. Weaver to Jennifer M. and Jacob M. Weaver.

•Sergio E. Cervantes to Maria D. Carrillo and Andy Cervantes.

•Sierra M. Kelly to Bianca M. Sierra and Clinton G. Kelly.

•Simon M. Barnes to Emily M. and Alex M. Barnes.

•Siva S. Subramanian to Latha and Shanmugasundaram Subramanian.

•Skyelar L. Thompson to Vanessa L. and Merril W. Thompson.

•Skyler W. Strong to Mu M. Win and Ko Y. Strong.

•Skylyn J. Lortie to Kymberly A. Lortie.

•So I R. Sain to So Ma Ya and Yah Sain.

•Steven A. Dewart to Brooke E. Pickering and Chad D. Dewart.

•Suzanna C. Jones to Kate S. and Joshua N. Jones.

•Sydney L. Brandenburg to Laura A. and Tony L. Brandenburg.

•Timias M. Holman to Kamira D. Underwood and Timotthis M. Holman.

•Titus E. Buell to Danna and Travis A. Buell.

•Tykahrion L. Walker to Sapphira C. Pranger and Tykwan L. Walker.

•Valeria S. Guzman to Maria A. Diaz and Manuel G. Guzman.

•Veronica G. Applegate to Irene Paxia and Andrew T. Applegate.

•Viviana I. Ruiz to Andrea I. Nichols and Fernando F. Ruiz.

•Vivienne B. Cummings to Kari J. and Lucas L. Cummings.

•Weston A. Pretorius to Andrea M. and Joseph A. Pretorius.

•Zane M. Loyall to Marissa A. Cressley and Steven G. Loyall Jr.

•Zarhiah R. Smith to Ikea L. and Isaiah R. Smith.

•Zoey C. Saylor to Cassandra C. Schwartz and Cameron B. Saylor.