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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Sen. Donnelly, support position of the majority of Hooseirs on Obamacare

David McKeeman
David McKeeman
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Friday, October 18, 2013 12:01 am
Sen. Donnelly,Recent polls indicate that over 50 percent of Americans do not want the national debt increased.

That percentage is higher in Indiana.

President Obama says he will not negotiate the full faith and credit of the United States.

You and I both know that is just doublespeak for continuing the tax and spend policies that he has had for the past 43/4 years.

I understand that the national debt would have to be increased if we do not curtail borrowing and quit spending money we do not have.

That brings me to Obamacare. Over half of Americans do not want Obamacare.

That number is also higher in Indiana. This makes for a logical solution.

I am asking that you use your vote to support the positions of the majority of Hoosiers.

Call on Harry Reid to allow a vote on the house debt bill just sent to the Senate and vote to delete funding of Obamacare.

Obamacare is not ready to go into effect for large businesses. It is also not ready to go into effect for small businesses and individuals.

The online exchanges are not working correctly, and it would take time to get them working.

Hoosiers are upset that Obamacare in now starting to cost us jobs. We have all heard anecdotal stories of small businesses laying off and not hiring if they would go over the threshold. These stories have been denied by our president.

Now we have hard evidence:

The Kokomo hospital chain is eliminating 50 jobs of their total staff of 1,300.

Worse yet is the 800 Hoosier jobs that Indiana University is eliminating across its 22 locations.

Both cite costs of insuring employee’s costs increased by Obamacare dictates.

That 850 Hoosier jobs are lost is an economic tragedy, even more so since these are caregivers that will undoubtedly adversely affect patient care. We both know that this is the tip of the iceberg. Other companies will reduce payrolls just as these two great hospital systems have done.

Insurance under Obamacare is drastically more expensive than what employers were paying for insurance pre-Obamacare. The president likes to conveniently forget the government subsidies that you and I will pay to make Obamacare appear affordable.

Evidence to prove that Obamacare costs more is most recently evident in Walgreens drugstore chain decision to terminate their employee insurance plans and instead give them a subsidy. They greatly prefer a fixed-price subsidy to the certainty of escalating insurance premiums once the real cost of Obamacare is known.

Of course, you have firsthand knowledge that Obamacare is expensive. The law as written requires Congress to pay the same as any other citizen for health care insurance under Obamaare. This was going to cost senators and representatives as much as $5,000 more a year. That is of course until President Obama stepped in.

Just as Obama, Pelosi and Reid had to bribe several reluctant senators to support his health care bill with preferential payments for their states, he is now trying to bribe all 535 members of Congress to keep it passed by unlawfully subsidizing it for senators and representatives.

If you did not get enough of an earful when you made town hall meetings at the last Congressional break, wait until the first one after the law goes into effect and Hoosiers realize that Congress can be bought off by the president.

You have many reasons to vote to defund Obamacare, not the least of which is your promise to the companies and employees and the many businesses that depend on our orthopedic industry centered in Warsaw. You promised to do everything possible to kill the unfair excise tax on medical appliances that will make Indiana’s product less competitive than those imported.

Since it is obvious you have not been successful in killing that tax, you would be advised to instead join those enlightened senators who realize that Obamacare fails on many fronts.

1. It is not affordable but instead is a drain on the countries treasure.

2. It is a job killer, both by its costs and its regulations.

3. Unions, which make up a large part of your constituency say it will kill benefits that they negotiated.

4. It will adversely affect health care as illustrated by the 850 jobs we already know will be lost and no amount of computerizing records will replace caregivers lost.

5. Our nation cannot afford the increased debt that the Congressional Budget Office predicts, from cost growth in Obamacare.

6. No senator or representative who accepts an under-the-table reimbursement of premium costs, no matter what it is called or who authorizes the unlawful payment, will survive a reelection bid in this state.

You voted multiple times for Obamacare when in the House of Representatives. I am willing to assume that you felt you were doing the will of the majority of your constituents.

You now have a much bigger constituency and a duty to represent their will, not yours. They have spoken in every poll taken, and the numbers against are growing.


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