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Letter to the editor: Parable of the maniac

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 12:01 am

A parable for the times

I had a house for sale for $100,000 a while back. Someone came to my door with a gallon of gasoline and a book of matches and told me that I would sell it to him for free or he would burn it to the ground. I just sneered at him as I was wondering if I was going to have to pull out my gun to defend my home against this maniac. Wouldn’t you?

“I’ll tell you what,” he told me after I refused to answer him, “I am a reasonable man, let me live in your house for a year for free and I won’t burn it down until then.”

I was getting worried now. I wasn’t sure if this guy was dangerous or delusional. But I was sure that he wasn’t reasonable.

“This is my final offer,” said the maniac at my front door. “I will pay you $50,000 for your house and I’ll burn that house across the street instead of yours.”

It was about this time that the neighbor saw what was going on and called the police. And as the cops were hauling the maniac away to prison he was screaming, “Why are you arresting me? That SOB wouldn’t even negotiate or compromise with me.”

Peter Steinkamp

New Haven