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Fort Wayne births, through Oct. 20

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 8:16 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 20.

Fort Wayne

•Abdiel H. Valdes to Mayra A. Guijarro and Josue B. Valdes.

•Abeber Ramonnya to Khinyee Thawlaweemhan and Ramonnya Thawlaweemhan.

•Abel D. Gerardot to Natalie N. Rufer and Michael J. Gerardot.

•Abigail R. Koorsen to Lindsey S. and Ian A. Koorsen.

•Alanah L. Powell to Erin L. White and Terrence L. Powell Jr.

•Alena Mustedanagic to Ramiza and Senad Mustedanagic.

•Alex T. Melendez to Amanda M. and Hayron M. Melendez.

•Alexia M. Rodriguez to Rena R. Rodriguez.

•Aliyah I. Jordan to Courtney M. Kimmell and Jawan L. Jordan.

•Allan R. Elder to Mary E. and Jeremy R. Elder.

•Alyse M. Swager to Samantha M. and Cody L. Swager.

•Amanda N. Ramirez to Reyna I. Ruiz Flores and Samuel Ramirez-Herrera.

•Angel R. Church-Dunning to Natalie J. Church and Christopher A. Dunning.

•Annabel M. Muhler to Francesca N. Schmidt and Patrick J. Muhler.

•Anthony T. Nard to Helen A. Nard.

•Ariel V. Jones-Perez to Alexandria M. Perez and Paris D. Jones.

•Ariella F. Garcia to Ashley D. Lucas and Bacilio Garcia IV.

•Arya L. Parker to Jenny L. Stine and Robert A. Parker.

•Asher A. Hoffmeier to Brooke S. Digregory-Hoffmeier and Lee A. Hoffmeier.

•Atreyu C. Clouse to Crystal C. and Eric E. Clouse.

•Ava C. Groh to Charisa L. and Steven P. Groh.

•Ayden M. Wagner to Taylor C. Fry and Alexander M. Wagner.

•Bernadette B. Smith to Claire M. and Evan M. Smith.

•Bianca L. Galvan to Cecelia M. Pesina and Daniel L. Galvan.

•Braxton M. Hutchens to Kasey D. Hutchens.

•Brayella D. Clemence to Chynna M. and Scott S. Clemence.

•Bryce A. Nieno to Kristin R. and Frederick A. Nieno.

•Caleb E. Johnson to Lisa A. and Luke E. Johnson.

•Camille M. Barbre to Loni R. Allen and Jerry J. Barbre.

•Cataleya C. Hutcherson to Turquoise N. Hutcherson.

•Chandler L. Briggs to Allison T. Brown and Timothy L. Briggs.

•Chase M. Gettys to Ashley M. Abbott and Justin M. Gettys.

•Corbin G. Omaley to Bridget L. and Mark P. Omaley.

•Cullen T. Bourcier to Crystal M. and Bryan T. Bourcier.

•Cydney M. Lapsley to Lacresia M. Lapsley and Willie J. Tabb Bates III.

•Da'terious D. Neal to Chijana U. Bryant and Derrick D. Neal Jr.

•Daisy E. Collier to Breanne A. and Jonah M. Collier.

•Dakari T. Williams to Shaniqueca A. Williams.

•Darwin J. Wilbanks to Alissa M. and Drake E. Wilbanks.

•Declan C. Vannatta to Alicia M. and Kevin C. Vannatta.

•Derek L. Wheeler Jr. to Jasmine S. Smiley and Derek L. Wheeler Sr.

•Derrick L. Buchanan to Samantha B. Buchanan.

•Elizabeth M. Carroll to Autumn L. Taylor and Daniel R. Carroll.

•Elizabeth R. Stoffel to Amy R. and Bradley J. Stoffel.

•Ella M. James to Melissa E. and Lavar J. James.

•Elorah L. Adamonis to Lauren D. Edmundson and Jesse L. Adamonis.

•Emma A. Adams to Sophia S. and Nathaniel T. Adams.

•Everett L. McClellan to Katherine E. and Clinton L. McClellan.

•Everleigh M. Zion to Andrea J. and David L. Zion.

•Fletcher S. Dodds to April Z. and Christopher A. Dodds.

•Gabriel D. Woodward to Kisha R. and Russel A. Woodward.

•Graycin J. Riecken to Kylie C. and Ryan J. Riecken.

•Gregory P. Skaggs III to Alissia E. and Gregory P. Skaggs Jr.

•Harper L. Forrest to Abby F. Hall and Bradley J. Forrest.

•Hayden E. Shively to Katy A. and Trent R. Shively.

•Henderson G. Melgar to Lucia M. Ramirez and Gustavo A. Melgar Perez.

•Honesti J. Ross to Mauresha S. Ross.

•Iris R. Strabbing to Natalie R. Fabini and Steven W. Strabbing.

•Italia L. Jimenez-Smith to Brenda J. Jimenez-Smith and Spencer O. Smith.

•Jadelin L. Munoz to Lesly T. Navichoque Munoz.

•Jalend E. Matthews to Monica L. Jones-Matthews and James E. Matthews.

•Jamale S. Johnson Jr. to Brittany J. Logsdon and Jamale S. Johnson Sr.

•Jaya J. Pettis to Jania T. Callaway and Jeremy P. Pettis.

•Jireh R. Lopez to Luz N. Morales and Fernando J. Lopez.

•Jme M. Sip to Apu Lay and Adum M. Sip.

•Joseph W. Holstrom to Jessica N. Hunt and William J. Holstrom.

•Josiah P. Thomas to Kiesha R. and Lamar M. Thomas.

•Julia M. Jaurigue to Molly J. and Daniel R. Jaurigue.

•Julian K. Villavicencio to Leah M. and Alex Villavicencio.

•Justice T. Woodson to Laquisha M. Stapleton and Jason T. Woodson.

•Kailey L. Presser to Marcia M. Yoder Presser and Richard D. Presser.

•Karmen A. Delagrange to Emily J. Lahrman and Zackary S. Delagrange.

•Karsyn M. Ward to Bria C. Huntington and Shane D. Ward.

•Katie M. Norris to Stacey K. and Jason R. Norris.

•Ke'nae A. Starks to Takiyah D. Starks.

•Kena L. Stucky to Kimberly N. Swank and Adam P. Stucky.

•Keturah A. Moore to Kristen E. and Reginald K. Moore.

•Kimarah J. Reynolds to Kimberly M. Carlisle and Justin L. Reynolds.

•Kynsley E. Fell to Colleen C. Bigelow and Joseph L. Fell.

•Kyson L. Hyser to Karrissy M. Hyser.

•Layton J. Snyder to Gina M. Giovanelli-Snyder and Michael A. Snyder.

•Lennon A. Anderson-Patterson to Erica N. Anderson and Michael F. Patterson.

•Levi A. Trostel to Claudia M. and Derek A. Trostel.

•Liam E. Lauer to Megan M. and Jason E. Lauer.

•Lucas M. Baker to Sarah V. and Eric M. Baker.

•Lucinda B. Pickett to Donine M. and Andrew R. Pickett.

•Luke P. Gastineau to Kyla K. Nellans and Mitchell C. Gastineau.

•Madeleine C. Hedge to Erika K. and Ryan J. Hedge.

•Maja E. Hrustic to Evelina and Elvir Hrustic.

•Major S. Woods to Celeste E. Woods.

•Max P. Niebel to Abbey M. and Nicholas L. Niebel.

•Micah J. Forrest to Jeri A. and Robert E. Forrest.

•Morgan M. Swinehart to Kristin M. and Benjamin C. Swinehart.

•N Aaliyah A. Allen to Tajimikia M. Moore and Deangelo M. Allen.

•Nandar Thein and Thuzar Thein to Mi Nge and Myo Thein.

•Natalya R. Kuhnle to Jennifer G. Kuhnle.

•Nelar Thein and Sandar Thein to Mi Nge and Myo Thein.

•Noah A. Markley to Olivia M. Markley.

•Noah J. Dewitt to Peggy A. Passmore and Isaac T. Dewitt.

•Ny'layah N. Vaughn to Sheneeka R. Young and Deshawn M. Vaughn.

•Nyree A. Banks to Amanda J. Draper and Devin L. Banks.

•Osiris D. Beiswanger to Deserae M. King and Tyler J. Beiswanger.

•Owen R. Ross to Kaitlin S. Ross.

•Owyesha Pe to Phar T. Mar and A D. Pe.

•Penelope J. Lane to Marcy S. and Jeremy L. Lane.

•Peter J. Lamaster to Kimberly M. and James H. Lamaster II.

•Peter J. Robles to Gretchen M. and Matthew J. Robles.

•Peyton C. Enright to Cassie L. and Cameron M. Enright.

•Piper A. Hecht to Amy M. and Ronald L. Hecht Jr.

•Princestan T. Parker to Diamond C. Parker.

•Safwana Bi to Yenna and Ko Bi.

•Santino M. Duran to Ceceilia O. and Max Duran.

•Saw Shem to Naw Kapru and Saw N. Moo.

•Scarlett K. Beiswanger to Stephenie K. and Shaun P. Beiswanger.

•Shariatullah Binjunaid to Ro B. Zum and Ju Nai.

•Sherlyne C. Pineda to Adriana A. Carrizales Herrera and Guadalupe Pineda Jr.

•Sophee G. Pennington to Jaclynn M. Gaff and Jason T. Pennington.

•Sophie G. Bird to Brittany S. Klotz and David W. Bird.

•Sophie L. Wallace to Courtney R. and Nicholas W. Wallace.

•Susana N. Rangel to Rosalba Romero and Jose L. Rangel.

•Tessa E. Bayne to Dana A. and Jeffrey D. Bayne.

•Troy J. Ruiz-Guzhnay to Diane Guzhnay and Jorge A. Ruiz-Guzhnay.

•Ty Neia D. Key to Tyonna S. Lee and Kdrian D. Key.

•Tyler M. Tupper to Amanda D. Jarvis and Matthew T. Tupper.

•Valerie M. Sustaita to Laura J. Garza and Hector R. Sustaita.

•Vincent R. Sauro to Kaitlynn O. and Vincent N. Sauro.

•Violet L. Booth to Holly M. and Ryan M. Booth.

•Zachary A. Smith to Amber L. and Jeffery A. Smith.

•Zahra A. Javed to Poonum Ijaz and Qasim Javed.

•Zariyah K. Ganaway to Natasha R. Ganaway and Tyrin R. Boone.

•Zoe I. Rasor to Darci L. and Justin E. Rasor.

•Zoya F. Uppal to Ayesha Farhan and Farhan I. Uppal.

•Zurrie A. Zehr to Andrea N. and Nathaniel L. Zehr.

•Zya D. Tyler to Zakiya T. Hinton and Desahwn C. Tyler.