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Friday, September 22, 2017
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The Rant

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. As a black, Democratic business owner, I voted for a hope and change that doesn't match today's political climate. I'm agreeing with Republicans to have a delay on the individual mandate. Giving corporations and special interests waivers without considering others is wrong-headed for this president.

Daily ranter (10-8) says GOP is being blamed — so the GOP must be doing the right thing. Really? The right thing is to shut down the government? Hundreds of thousands of people are being hurt by this “right” thing. You people should be ashamed! They are out to destroy this country!

My take on Washington: If you think President Obama is right, then you're a “me” person, everything for me. If you think the Republicans, old party or tea party, then you're for quit stealing or burdening our grandchildren's future.

President Obama, do you even have a clue how many veterans there are in these United States? If they could ever get on the same page, the Million Man March wouldn't hold a candle to these folks.

(Texas Sen. Ted) Cruz and (former Alaska Gov. Sarah) Palin protest the closing of sites in Washington. Give me a break. They are the ones who are responsible for the shutdown. ... Good riddance to the Republican Party.

I will never buy from you if you use your kids in a TV commercial. They are only cute to you. … If you want kids as your clients, then good luck making any money.

Notice Barack Obama's initials, B.O., are short for a terribly foul odor? Pretty much sums up his administration ... it stinks to high heaven!

Can someone please explain to me how our country, swimming in debt, is going to pay insurance subsidies for tens of millions people?

Those who are trapped in right-wing news bubbles seem to think, incorrectly, that Obamacare is a socialist program. Instead, it is a market-based program, which is going to provide health insurance companies with millions of new customers. Ask those companies if they think Obamacare is socialist or capitalist.

How can we expect the young people of our country to be respected, valued citizens with the examples they have in the actions of members of Congress lately? What the United States needs is a benevolent dictator. No current member of Congress can/need apply!

Poll numbers mean nothing when the question and target group are not identified, which is why the media can slant it any way they want.

Just because someone does not like the gay lifestyle does not mean they are intolerant.

I am so tired of ranters who are reduced to showing their dislike for someone just by calling them a name (“stooge” is a recent one) or telling a joke about them (a recent comparison of Hillary Clinton's looks to Mickey Rourke) without actually making a substantive point. Rants are stronger when they're backed up by objective facts.

Really? Eight banks and credit unions at Dupont and Lima roads. A little overkill, isn't it? We need shopping out there. How about a Target or Kohl's?

How can we consider the U.S. debt to have a ceiling or limit? There apparently is never going to be a ceiling or limit. The debt is more of a gorge currently approaching $18 trillion in debt being carved ever deeper every month … by the deficit spending river.

Mr. (Marlin) Stutzman says government spends too much frivolous money, but he accepts farm subsidies. He says that we waste money, but he is all for giving the laid-off federal workers, who are out of work because of him, back pay. So lay them off, let them have a paid vacation while the rest of us pay for it. Can you say hypocrite?

By the time our politicians in Fort Wayne figure where the Legacy money should really be spent, they will have given it all away on honey-do projects.

Why can't the south railroad crossing on Thomas Road be repaired? Other crossings have been repaired that were not in such a rough shape.

Serving notice to (a local high school). We've had it with political correctness. You (the kids) are constantly asking for support, having the kids sell stuff, booster donations and the like. If you want us to continue to support you, this year's Christmas shows and sings need traditional Christmas music!


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