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Sunday, September 24, 2017
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GOP may have ended debt ceiling, moved us toward one-party rule

Ric Runestad
Ric Runestad
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Friday, October 25, 2013 12:01 am
History may note the United States had one of its most defining events occur on Oct. 16. On that day, not only did Republican House leadership work with their leftist allies in the media to move the nation closer to one-party rule, they also may have ended the debt ceiling.

Included in the debt ceiling increase bill was a provision that may make all future debt ceiling increases automatic unless Congress votes otherwise. If Congress votes against the increase the president can veto that bill. It would require a two-thirds majority to override his veto, and that will never happen. Also, a future Republican president will never have the authority to stop an increase in the debt ceiling to contain a Democratic Congress, because the increase is automatic.

In other words, there may no longer be a debt ceiling. The debt ceiling was the only brake on the runaway freight train of spending that will destroy this nation, and Republican leadership may have just torn it off and thrown it overboard. There may be zero restraints left in place.

Almost no one knows about this McConnell Rule, because the Federal Reserve-owned media is not reporting it. If conservatives understood what House leadership has done there would be a massive uprising in GOP primaries across the country against Republicans who support House leadership.

House Speaker John Boehner not only ignored his own Boehner Rule, that more debt must be balanced against equal amounts of cuts over 10 years, but he also nixed the $20 billion spending cuts set to take effect Jan. 1.

For the fourth time this year Boehner and his lord paramount, Eric Cantor, have ignored the Hastert Rule and brought forth a bill opposed by a majority of their own caucus.

Boehner went into negotiations making clear his commitment to fold once the deadline was reached. Historically, this has not been a very effective strategy, and this occasion was no exception.

So why did Boehner pretend he was going to fight if he intended to surrender all along?

The phony showdown had advantages for the mammon masters Boehner serves. By timing the cave-in with the top end of media hysteria, Boehner/Cantor were able to ensure maximum damage to conservatism and embolden the leftist media to further work in unison to control the nation.

Furthermore, the phony showdown will be the gift that just keeps giving for the leftist media and advocates of out-of-control government spending and bankruptcy. Every time our economy slumps, or our credit rating gets downgraded, headlines will scream this is all the fault of right-wingers who almost defaulted on the nation’s debt.

With the destruction of the phony showdown achieved Boehner/Cantor are quickly pivoting to pass blanket amnesty for illegals and a “Grand Bargain” where the GOP will be fighting to default on Social Security and Medicare payments to retirees in exchange for giving the Democrats higher taxes.

If Republicans follow this path it will result in a political landscape not unlike California, which has one-party rule with a few liberal wealthy Republicans who waste their money to lose in major elections, not unlike Mitt Romney just did.

Voices of discontent are starting to roar in conservative circles. Sean Hannity said he is open to a third party, and Ann Coulter’s latest book is about how the GOP has broken extremely hard to the left.

Coulter advises the GOP to change or die. It appears they are choosing to die.


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