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The predicted train wreck has now arrived

Saturday, October 26, 2013 - 12:01 am

Republicans are asking: Who’s to blame for the Obamacare rollout fiasco?

Democrats are asking: What rollout fiasco?

Well, not all Democrats. The ones who have to run for re-election election in red states are calling for a delay in the individual mandate much like the one-year moratorium granted to businesses. The Obama administration brought a delay in the back door by “extending” the amount of time people have to sign up before being fined.

At hearings before the House this week, the contractors who designed and installed the Obamacare federal website blamed each other and the government. We needed more time, they said. Well, a lot of people said the rollout was going to be a train wreck, and nobody listened.

The fundamental question being asked this week is whether there are merely “technical problems,” the “glitches” that are preventing people from signing up or even getting on the site, or whether there is a much deeper problem threatening the stability of the whole system. The people most likely to give up on the process are tech-savvy young people, who are the healthy enrollees that will pay for all the sick, older people who sign up.

In the meantime, more people were dropped from insurance rolls this week than signed up for coverage under Obamacare. That is not exactly a promising sign that the American health care system is on the road to improvement.