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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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Consider it Done duo help the time-restricted complete tasks

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Check out Consider it Done's website at http://consideritdoneftw.com. Or call 1-866- 951-6337 or email info@consideritdoneftw.com.

The list of services Consider it Done provides is extensive, but here's a partial list:
*Running errands
*Christmas shopping
*Gift wrapping
*Shipping packages
*Grocery shopping
*In home meal preparation
*House sitting
*Pet sitting
*Hand-addressing cards or invitations
*Computerizing handwritten address books or building an electronic address book on a smart phone.

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 12:01 am

Need help with your Christmas shopping? Are you expectant parents with no time to assemble the crib, swing, changing table, etc.? Does your house just need a thorough cleaning?

Consider it Done.

Those are just a few of many services provided by a local concierge service called Consider it Done that will do just about anything as long as it's not unethical, immoral or illegal, says the two women who run the business, Vanessa Lauritsen and Peggy Albertson.

Lauritsen founded the business about a year ago; Albertson has recently joined as a partner. The company contracts with outsiders to provide some services, such as cleaning and maintenance, but the two women do much of the work themselves.

"The general premise is we want to do things for people who don't have the time or ability to do them," Lauritsen said. She had spent several years working for nonprofits before she decided last year, "I'd rather be the one doing things for people."

The one thing they won't do is provide a nanny service. They will, however, do it on a temporary basis as part of a house-sitting package so parents can get away.

In the year she's been in business Lauritsen has built her client base by initially contacting friends and then through word of mouth. She said starting out housecleaning "is a good foot in the door." Starting out with something small helps develop trust and usually leads to the client asking for more services.

And because Consider it Done is not a big housekeeping company, "we clean (a house) like we're cleaning our own home," Lauritsen said.

Housecleaning isn't something Albertson in enthusiastic about doing. So far she's helping two clients. One wanted her to research stand mixers and make a recommendation. The other needs a ride to physical therapy.

Albertson has worked as an office manager for most of her career. but when her husband saw a TV show about a similar concierge service and suggested she would be good at it, she started researching opportunities. "I just decided I was tired of sitting behind a desk," she said.

Through a mutual friend Albertson discovered Lauritsen and contacted her. "We met and I said, ''I'm your partner,'" Albertson said.

They are in the process of working out the details of a partnership. Albertson is going to visit family in California soon, and once she gets back "we're going to hit it hard," she said.

The women charge in 15-minute increments and base the fee on the task. If a task requires more talent, the fee might be $30 an hour, but it can go to $20 an hour for simpler tasks. Housekeeping is on the lower end of the scale.

They also will put together packages that can be presented as gifts, for example to a new mother, a bride-to-be or someone recovering from illness or injury who needs help.

They've also thought about offering an opening and closing service for people in the area who have seasonal lake cottages.

Future plans include possibly expanding to Indianapolis or offering corporate concierge services, in which a company would provide services to employees such as running errands, which can free up those employees to concentrate on work and improve productivity.