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Letter to the editor: We should be allies of all who want marriage

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 8:59 am

My fellow straight allies,

In case you haven’t come across the phrase before, let me introduce “trickle-down equality.”

Trickle-down equality is why fighting for equal marriage on every level for LGBTQ people is extremely important in protecting our friends and family.

Of course, we do not assume that all gay individuals want to be married. However, if marriage between two individuals of the same sex is recognized as completely and utterly equal in the eyes of the law to that of heterosexual marriage, there will inevitably be (and here is the trickle of it) fewer excuses to discriminate against this minority.

If the law sees a straight person and a gay person as absolutely identical, what reason will anyone have to get away with discrimination? Fewer people will see it as taboo, so it won’t be a matter of opinion anymore. Equality in the eyes of the law will be reflected in the eyes of society. The equality will trickle down.

Straight allies, I’m addressing this to you. This is about the protection of our friends, family and even strangers who deserve every right you have. If you want to see discrimination toward LGBTQ persons end, you have to make your voice heard. Now. Do not stand aside and watch it unfold.

A strong voice of support from the majority is what will turn this dream into a reality. It’s not just about marriage. It’s about absolute equality, ending discrimination against a long-suffering community in America. It’s about making the United States, the land of the free, safe for everyone. Most of all, it’s about changing hearts and minds.

I need you to join me. If you agree with equality and the betterment of the lives of millions of our fellow Americans, you need to join your voice (however small or loud) with like-minded people. We cannot stay silent just because we are not directly affected by such ostracization. Being born straight comes with so many rights that shouldn’t be considered out of reach for our friends and family who were not born so.

Write a letter, make a phone call. There are plenty who stand with you. Help us dig the path for “trickle-down equality.” We have a chance for real change.

Let’s take that chance.

Lindsay Sprunger