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TV Diary: Test your knowledge of the late actress Marcia Wallace

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 12:01 am

Today's column is in tribute to actress Marcia Wallace, who died Oct. 25 at age 70 of complications from breast cancer, a disease she first was diagnosed with in 1985.

Wallace was famous for roles on two long-running TV series: as Carol Kester on “The Bob Newhart Show” and as Edna Krabappel on “The Simpsons.”

Here is a quiz about her personal life as well as other TV shows she appeared on regularly.

1. On “The Bob Newhart Show,” Carol Kester married and took this last name.

2. She reprised her secretary role from “The Bob Newhart Show” in a special appearance on “Murphy Brown” – only the secretaries on that show went by numbers. What number secretary was she?

3. What was Wallace's first credited TV role?

4. On “Full House,” she had a recurring role as this character.

5. She appeared as Annie Wilkes on which daytime soap opera?

6. She was a recurring panelist on which game show?

7. What is the name of her memoir?

8. She portrayed Maggie Hawley on which TV series?

Answers: 1. Bondurant. 2. No. 66. 3. Betty on a 1971 episode of “Bewitched.” 4. Mrs. Carruthers. 5. “The Young and the Restless.” 6. “The Match Game.” 7. “Don't Look Back, We're Not Going That Way!” 8. “That's My Bush!”