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Letter to the editor: Shame on IMPD

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 - 12:01 am

Thank you, Judge John Surbeck, for calling out the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department official who has been texting testimony summaries to a witness, co-workers and whoever forwarded that information to others.

As a former Allen Superior Court employee now living in Indianapolis, I am reminded how His Honor held court. The irony of a public servant, one who swore to serve and protect, passing witness testimony in what appears to be yet another questionable IMPD situation. I know as a Marion County taxpayer that justice has been slow and costly, but I am grateful that this judge has this case. I know His Honor will see that no one corrupts this trial. Shame on the IMPD, especially in attempting to bend the rules they are supposed to respect and uphold. This is yet another reason I applaud the officers who serve and protect in Allen County and its justice system.

Robin Aldrich