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Letter to the editor: Reader rebuts letter criticizing Stutzman

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 12:01 am

I am responding to the letter of Oct. 30. The Rev. Thomas E. Sagendorf needs to read the newspaper more carefully. Rep. (Marlin) Stutzman did not lead the fight to remove food stamps from federal funding. He was a leader in the push to separate the food stamp program from the agriculture bill, allowing the two to be worked on and voted on separately.

Secondly, it is not an act of hypocrisy, gross or otherwise, to accept agricultural aid while attempting to change the agricultural law. Accepting agricultural aid is no better or worse than accepting welfare. Both are provisions that our current government condones, and there is no moral problem with doing either.

The reverend also needs to read and quote his Bible more carefully. There is not a word in Luke 17 about the Rich Man and Lazarus. It’s in chapter 16. And what about Matthew 7:1-2, which says the reverend will be judged using the same measure he uses to judge Rep. Stutzman?

Such words and phrases as “unfathomable arrogance,” “treachery,” “gross hypocrisy” and “moral obscenity” don’t sound like someone who loves his enemies, as commanded in Matthew 5:44.

Don Glick