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New Burmese restaurant has authentic cuisine

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A taste of Burma

What: Sone Sea Yar

Location: 5527 S. Anthony Blvd.

Hours: 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily

Foods: Burmese, Indian, Thai

Menu items: Include beef, chicken, goat slaughtered according to the Muslim faith, and fish. Appetizers, naan bread, curries, pad Thai, coconut milk soup and more. Soft drinks and Burmese hot tea similar to chai offered.

Prices: Highest items are $9.99.

Carryout available.

Friday, November 8, 2013 - 7:26 am

Sone Sea Yar means gathering place in Burmese, an appropriate name for the new Burmese restaurant that has opened at 5527 S. Anthony Blvd.

Owner Ohn Tin Carsin calls the restaurant his retirement plan. He runs the restaurant by day and then after a few hours of sleep goes to his factory job at Johnson Controls. He and his family moved to Fort Wayne from Indianapolis in 2004, where they had lived since 1997.

Ohn Tin Carsin learned how to cook from his uncle and father and had a restaurant in the refugee camp where he was living before coming to the United States. His daughter Cho Wah helps out in the restaurant along with four other employees, some part time and some full time.

“I am supporting the community through job creation,” Ohn Tin Carsin said.

It has been three weeks since the restaurant opened, and they have been working to build their clientele. Ohn Tin Carsin said most of the people who order at the restaurant do so as carryout. The dining area is casual, clean and spacious with warm yellow walls sporting framed pictures. A small flat-screen TV is mounted on one wall. Thursday at noon there were two Burmese men eating in the dining room, while other people came in and out to pick up carryout.

If you are thinking about traveling to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, and would like to sample authentic cuisine this is the place for you. Ohn Tin Carsin is Muslim, so don't expect to find pork on the menu. Instead, he serves beef, chicken, goat and some fish. All of the meat has been slaughtered according to the guidelines of the Muslim faith.

Some of the Burmese dishes you will find are items like green tea salad and a hearty beef soup that is heavy on the beef and light on the veggies, but with lots of flavorful spices, including cumin and fresh cilantro. You will also find Indian curries and dishes like Nam Tok, an Indian beef dish, heavy on the beef, and breads, like naan and garlic naan, a type of flat bread, along with fried noodles, rice dishes and appetizers, including egg rolls. If you don't care for Burmese or Indian they also have Thai, including pad Thai and a savory coconut milk soup. The highest priced entries on the menu are $9.99. They have soft drinks and tea including traditional Burmese hot tea, which is similar to Indian chai, but with fewer spices.

They are updating the menu and will be printing them in both English and Burmese. Ohn Tin Carsin wants people in Fort Wayne to know they are there for everyone. Ohn Tin Carsin said they are starting a buffet on the weekends soon.