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Saturday August 29, 2015
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Letter to the editor: Stutzman a reputable congressman for us

Monday, November 11, 2013 - 8:52 am

I was intrigued by The Journal Gazette editorial of Oct. 18 (“Call him irresponsible”). It actually praised Republican Sen. Dan Coats. Of course, it was only for his voting with the Democrats on ending the shutdown — which anybody who follows the words and actions of the Obama administration knows was caused by conservatives and tea party members of Congress. (Forget that the government had “closed due to the shutdown” signs already printed to post on our national parks and monuments immediately after the event started).

The same editorial chastised Rep. Marlin Stutzman for a “breathtaking leap of irresponsibility” — along with four other Hoosier congressmen — for voting no to the bill.

I don’t fault Coats for voting yes on this bill — along with Democrat Sen. Joe Donnelly or any other member of Congress — for voting their conscience. If there is any disapproval from Indiana citizens, we will make our decision when they run again for their seats.

As to Stutzman, there has been an intensive campaign against him by the JG for some time. In editorials and letters to the editor that fact is obvious. A recent JG letter even called him vicious biblical names and condemned him to hell. He is a good man and reputable congressman, representing the district voters’ needs and requests in an ethical manner.

Perhaps the JG faults him because he believes in the goals and direction of the tea party — as do many millions of American citizens. The left-leaning media realize this massive group of Constitution/freedom-loving citizens are the biggest single threat to Democrat Party control of our lives. Why else does Obama, Reid, Pelosi and others of their ilk spend so much time — Chicago-style — demonizing and tearing down the tea party?

John Paul