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Letter to the editor: The president is getting a pass

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 12:01 am

Two NFL coaches have significant heart or heart-related issues in the past week or so. Their jobs are very stressful. If they don’t win, they lose their jobs.

Obama is not winning. He is a laughing stock with late-night comedians and around the world. World leaders are angry with him for spying on them. Terrorism is on the rise.

More Americans are on welfare than ever before. He is caught lying over and over again. He has divided this nation. Our economy is stuck.

What happens to him? He golfs. He does fundraisers. He gives speeches.

What does the media and most Americans do? Nothing.

Obama is not stressed about any of this. Why is that? NFL coaches are stressing out over a game. Our nation is declining, and this is no game.

Jim Johnson