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Fort Wayne births, through Nov. 3

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 - 7:51 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Nov. 3.

Fort Wayne

•Abigail C. Rosenogle to Kimberly A. and Justin W. Rosenogle.

•Adilyn R. Gamble to Cheyenne R. Gamble.

•Ahmed M. Mostafa to Amauina M. and Mousa A. Mostafa.

•Ainyrah S. Gray to Impress S. Rowan-Armstead and Antwaine L. Gray.

•Alexander Hernandez to Maribel Martinez Sanchez and Eduardo Hernandez Esquivel.

•Alexander J. Miles to Erin M. and Blake A. Miles.

•Alice E. Sonner to Katy E. and Jacob E. Sonner.

•Alina R. Salas to Sherea S. Hill and Marcello D. Salas.

•Allan M. Zapata to Maritza H. Mendez and Edgar Zapata.

•Allison R. Freed to Anjel R. Kruchten and Alexander M. Freed.

•Amiya K. Matthews to Chastity N. Matthews.

•Andre J. Wimes Jr. to Cierra N. Lindsey and Andre J. Wimes.

•Anna G. Opoku to Dazar A. and Nana A. Opoku.

•Aria S. Hadzic to Vanja M. Hadzic and Courtney L. Hamilton.

•Asher G. Popenfoose to Kylie A. and Timothy A. Popenfoose.

•Ashton M. Chaney to Ashley S. Chaney.

•Ashton M. Kelsaw to Marquisha L. Kelsaw.

•Aubrielle E. Lewis to Rosie R. Lewis.

•Austin A. Beber to April M. and Aarron S. Beber.

•Avery J. Adair to Audrey L. and Alexander T. Adair.

•Avery N. Cosme to Holly N. Harden and Michael A. Cosme.

•Avery T. Seitz to Melissa A. and Trevor S. Seitz.

•Ayla K. Hossinger to Brittany E. Schaaf and Nicholas A. Hossinger.

•Bentlee M. Moore to Chelsie M. and David M. Moore Jr.

•Blake A. Targgart to Kaitlyn N. and Joel A. Targgart.

•Braden W. Shropshire to Katelin R. Shropshire.

•Brantley L. Billings to Andrea S. Jones and Patrick J. Billings.

•Braxton D. Dikty to Tiffany L. and Ryan A. Dikty.

•Braylon M. Bruce to Natalie A. Cotrell and Zachary M. Bruce.

•Broderick B. Briggs to Sency T. Kauffman and Aaron M. Briggs.

•Brodie A. Hammond to Ashley L. and Mathew L. Hammond.

•Brody A. Satterthwaite to Heather D. D. and Alexander B. W. Satterthwaite.

•Calvin G. Butler to Elizabeth A. and Kevin J. Butler.

•Camden M. Baugher to Ashley N. Sommer and Trevor M. Baugher.

•Camdyn Z. Wolf to Keanna D. Pardue and Brandon Z. Wolf.

•Cecilia I. Schindler to Katie M. and James A. Schindler II.

•Chloe M. Wasson to Melissa L. Chau-Wasson and Tyler E. Wasson.

•Christian J. Jurado to Megan L. Cass and Juan J. Jurado.

•Christopher R. Gorman to Joy M. and Stephen M. Gorman.

•Claire Hagan to Kristina and Justin M. Hagan.

•Dahlia J. Rodriguez to Arielle F. and Jose R. Rodriguez.

•Daniel J. Pape Jr. to Trisha A. Goyal and Bradley M. Allen Sr.

•Dchyla L. Gray to Kayla M. Curry and Dwaylian M. Gray.

•Dominic J. Soto to Valerie R. and Bobby J. Soto.

•Dominic P. Nielson to Sarah M. and Daniel A. Nielson.

•Dylan J. Londa to Nancy E. Londa Lopez and Segundo A. Vasquez Yanza.

•Elaylah M. Usina to Abbie M. and Joel M. Usina.

•Eleanor L. Dick to Abigail E. Miller and Ian C. Dick.

•Eli T. Danielson to Elizabeth Q. and Erik L. Danielson.

•Elian E. Hernandez to Maria G. and Pedro A. Hernandez.

•Elijah J. Foley to Anna C. and Kevin M. Foley.

•Elijah M. Richardson to Brittany N. Thomas and Michael A. Richardson.

•Faith J. Jones to Sondra D. Jones.

•Fox A. Mayer to Jessie L. and Grant S. Mayer II.

•G'king J. Portee to Brianna C. McPherson and Gregory J. Portee.

•Gage W. Griffith to Kristi E. and Gary W. Griffith.

•Gavin E. Taylor to Kailey M. Thiele and Richard E. Taylor.

•Gunner J. Zepke to Elizabeth A. Williams and James R. Zepke.

•Hailey J. Sroufe to Stephanie A. and Jason M. Sroufe.

•Hallie J. Maxwell to Jessica J. Ort and Casey J. Maxwell.

•Harmony L. Johnson to Danice L. Johnson.

•Harper J. Arnold to Deidre E. and Tate R. Arnold.

•Hazel L. Syndram to Alexa L. Syndram.

•Hector T. Paz to Zaira G. Sanchez Paz.

•Henry M. Carsten to Melissa S. and Michael J. Carsten.

•Hunter C. Crim to Chelsea L. and Nick D. Crim.

•Itali C. Gray to Lashondra L. Gray.

•J'kiylah M. Kazee to Laterra S. Kazee.

•Ja'veyah N. Bellinger to Nichole M. and Kevin L. Bellinger.

•Jace S. Rowland to Tiasha D. Gibson and Joseph L. Rowland.

•Jacob Huang to Yanqing Qiu and Xuanming Huang.

•Jacob R. Cartwright to Erika L. Sprague and Ryan J. Cartwright.

•James I. Shaw Jr. to Terrie A. and James E. Shaw Sr.

•Jasmine B. Ritchie to Brittany J. and Jaren L. Ritchie.

•Jason B. Swopshire Jr. to Ebony S. and Jason B. Swopshire.

•Javier J. Ramos to Victorolyn A. and David Ramos.

•Jayden C. Martin to Nichole L. Martin.

•Jayla S. Clark to Tashala D. Smith and Jarez E. Clark Sr.

•Jazlyn R. Niccum to Breanna R. Niccum.

•Jones T. Stieglitz to Maria J. and Jeremy L. Stieglitz.

•Joplyn J. Hopp to Katherine M. and Corey D. Hopp.

•Jordan D. Davenport to Tereesa L. Davenport.

•Josephine A. Quezada to Monica M. Castillo and Jorge L. Quezada.

•Joshua D. Talbert to Lillian A. and Jeremy S. Talbert.

•Julianne R. Willwerth to Ronnica J. and Marc D. Willwerth.

•Kevin L. Mitchell Allen Jr. to Tanishia V. Lampkin and Kevin L. Mitchell Allen Sr.

•La'vaya L. Thomas to Shi Teisha L. Robinson and Garry L. Thomas.

•Layne T. Koroncevicius to Brittanie N. McQueary and Jon Koroncevicius.

•Leena K. Lockhart to Jillian L. and Aaron S. Lockhart.

•Leonard T. Peat to Emily M. and Brandon E. Peat.

•Lillian D. Robertson to Erika M. and Daniel A. Robertson.

•Lilyana E. Garcia to Kelly R. Adams and Roberto T. Garcia.

•Londyn C. Christie to Breanna M. Gage and Michael P. Christie.

•Lucas R. Midkiff to Stefanie L. Powell and Bobby J. Midkiff II.

•Lucia G. Marini to Emily J. and Glenn D. Marini.

•Lucie J. Devinney-Stoner to Katherine R. and Alexander R. Devinney-Stoner.

•Lyla K. Annis to Sara L. and Joseph R. Annis.

•Macy L. Shaw to Melissa S. and Curtis J. Shaw.

•Madison L. Calhoun to Nichole R. Calhoun.

•Malanee A. Hoy to Heather M. Hoy.

•Manraj A. Singh to Marisa K. Higgs and Manpreet Singh.

•Mar'quise L. Brooks to Callie M. Brooks.

•Marie J. Osborn to Angie M. and Charles R. Osborn.

•Mateo Hernandez to Maria Echeverria and Jaime O. Hernandez.

•Maverik J. Lash to Jessica M. and Eric L. Lash.

•Max C. Rhea to Kathryn A. and Charles B. Rhea.

•Max M. Lawrence to Phoebe M. and Travis A. Lawrence.

•Maximus G. Taylor to Tiffany D. and Brock N. Taylor.

•Melina Suvic to Samira Velic and Nedzad Suvic.

•Miguel A. Diaz to Candy S. Bower and Miguel Diaz.

•Miles J. Dempsey to Melissa A. and David S. Dempsey.

•Mitchell J. Voors to Beth E. Welty and Jason W. Voors.

•Naava J. Roach to Anola K. and Christopher M. Roach.

•Nevaeh M. Gilliam to Amanda M. and Mark D. Gilliam.

•Nhay K. Aung to Ki Miria and Aung M. Tun.

•Ny Airra P. Jackson to Rorecka N. Jackson.

•Olivia A. Blocher to Sherita A. Blocher.

•Omarion N. Brown to Heather M. and Kyle N. Brown.

•Owen D. Walker to Kathryn J. and Douglas B. Walker Jr.

•Penelope J. Deacon to Jennifer I. and Jeffrey G. Deacon.

•Quinlan N. Smith to Stephanie S. and Jesse G. Smith.

•Rahmir D. Rogers to Mayra G. Dominguez and Quyon D. Rogers.

•Rayon M. Hughes to Jasmine C. Campbell and Devin R. Hughes.

•Reece A. Harmison to Lauren E. and Eric G. Harmison.

•Roman B. Scheele to Erin A. and Jacob D. Scheele Sr.

•Ryder A. Zollinger to Kerrie L. and Matthew A. Zollinger.

•Samuel J. Wright to Jennifer N. and Joseph D. Wright.

•Samuel M. Paz to Fabiola Nino and Ulises Paz.

•Seymone M. Jackson to Precious D. Anderson and Tony M. Jackson.

•Sho N. Yaney to Mariko and Michael F. Yaney.

•Sofie R. Mann to Tricia E. and Ryan D. Mann.

•Solie J. Prough to Chelsea L. and Gary T. Prough.

•Surai Ya to Roze Ya and O By.

•Tanner J. Meyers to Jennifer S. and Jon A. Meyers.

•Thang S. Tuang to Vung L. Lun and Mang L. Hang.

•Thet N. Win to Kyu K. Win.

•Tho F. Lay to Sa K. Be and Soe P. Lay.

•Tristian J. Roberson to Brittany N. Roberson.

•Victoria L. Engquist to Jennifer L. and Gordon E. Engquist.

•Vivienne L. O'Neal to Kristina M. and Daniel R. O'Neal.

•Wai Y. Aung to Phu Pu and Aung Sa Dit.

•William D. Lemberg to Cassandra L. and Brandon D. Lemberg.

•William F. Presser to Ana Cynthia F. and Stephen C. Presser.

•Xavier S. Farrow to Tasha L. and Stephan C. Farrow.

•Zaharia R. Salazar to Taylor R. Salazar.

•Zander P. Zamora to Juana E. Macias and Pedro Zamora.

•Zayven A. Mrak to Samantha P. Mrak.

•Zoila J. Esteban to Silvia P. Esteban Olivares and Santos Aguilar Villeda.

•Zuri A. Hahn to Eunice W. and Michael C. Hahn.